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CS Sept 2011 WGM Minutes

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Thursday Q3

  • Motion that typos are addressed by the Editor. Charlie, Patrick
    • Discussion: Mead - May not need this motion.
    • Against: 0; Abstain: 0; In Favor: 9

Scope of Clin Statement is driven based on Change Request.

Pattern New name IMDP – Information Model Design Pattern. Official, MnM approved nuggets of modeling.

Discussion whether CS is an IMDP. Lloyd McKenzie believes the entire CS pattern today would not fit IMDP, but parts thereof. CS topics would be close this.

An IMDP could be a template for its intended use for modelers.

Topics don’t seem to fit with CS Pattern as it sits today. A motion to remove did not get quorum.

Unclear what the rules would be to make a pattern an IMDP.

  • Current Topics are inconsistent with the current pattern in terms of scope and approach. Rather we should consider them as potential IMDPs possibly under the ownership of other domains. We're not sure what MnM considers an IMDP vs. SAIF's Composite. Until such time the motion is to remove the topics from the Clinical Statement model, but keep them on the shelve (on a wiki page). Rik, Patrick
    • Since "on-the-shelf" is not very pro-active, should we do something with it. Ownership of IMDP is not yet clear. CS will at least look at next steps.
    • Against: 0; Abstain: 2; In Favor: 6

Next Steps

  • Finalize DSTU
    • Wrap-up ballot reconciliation. Feedback from Mead and Charlie
    • Deprecate SupportingClinicalInformation - When can we remove words beyond stating it cannot be used anymore? Rik will work with Isobel to chase this down.

Future Topics

  • End State
    • Normative is a challenge, but need to have some level of completeness. DSTU expires.
    • Still not clear how the CS pattern impacts domains.
    • After DSTU is done, work with MnM to establish what the next state is for the CS pattern as a DSTU would run out, so it needs a better "end state". We need some enforcement/conformance function to have a valuable end state. Also need to determine what CS then needs to do to reach that end state.
    • Set up joint session with MnM for January, assuming we can finish the DSTU.
  • Change Request
    • Need to check whether we can change DSTU to a next version prior to the 2 years.
    • Invite new Change Requests.
  • Harmonize with Domains
    • Start to work with other domains. Prioritize work groups, focus, etc. during conference calls.
      • Focus on CDA
      • Harmonize with Rx
      • etc.
  • Create XML examples.
  • Tidy up Clinical Statement Wish List
  • Project Excellence
    • Clean up our administrative updates so we will be on the front page at the next WGM (green across for the right reasons).