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This page is for suggested improvements to Clinical Statement.

Note: Presence on this list bestows no special privileges. The list is just a convenient catalog of various comments and wish list items. Each of these suggested enhancements will need use case backing, and a formal proposal on the Clinical Statement Change Requests page.

Clinical Statement Suggested Enhancements

  • Are there C-METs that could be used for Service Delivery Location, Administerable Material, and Manufactured Product, if so they should be used. Source: Ballot comment #14 May 2007
  • Provide one or two examples of instances for Clinical Statement Patterns. Source: Ballot commment #30 May 2007
  • It would be a good idea to provide a condensed extract of the construct which should be used to explain the fundamental ideas behind it! Source: Ballot comment #30 May 2007
  • Clinical statement doesn't support the receiver participation RCV. This is used a lot in orders and to document supply of medication for instance. You can have RCT to say that the patient received it, but only in a patient centric message. Also you cannot say that a parent or guardian was supplied it. Rik Smithies 19-Oct-2007