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CQL-based HQMF 2.1 Update Comment Page

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  • Comments regarding the CQL-based HQMF v2.1 Update
    • This draft removed the first two sections from the previous version, which were titled "Structure of this Guide" and "Conformance Conventions", which were only 5 pages long. Re-insert these sections because they provide valuable context especially regarding template versioning (since this draft includes many "V2" annotations which are not explained).
      • [commenter: Paul Denning]
    • Late additions to QDM 5.3 add Relevant Time as an attribute for Medication, Order and Medication, Dispensed. Please add these attributes to the templates. Also note:
      • For Medication, Order, or Medication, Dispensed the effectiveTime low should represent the time the order should take effect (defaulted to author time unless the medication order specifies a different start time).
      • For Medication, Order, effectiveTime high should be the date that the medication supply specified (including the refills) is completed (and not the frequency).
      • For Medication, Dispensed, effectiveTime high should be the time the medication supplied during the dispensing event is to be completed. Each refill will represent a different dispensing event.
      • Since effectiveTime low provides the information about the start time of the medication (at the time of the order or at a future date), the QDM attribute activeTime is no longer needed; it has been removed from the QDM 5.3.
      • [Commenter: Floyd Eisenberg]
    • The Participation QDM 5.3 datatype seems to be missing from the STU 2.1 draft. It needs to be addressed in the Update.
      • [Commenter: Floyd Eisenberg for Stan Rankins]
    • The zip file of the CQL-based HQMF STU 2 contains incorrect OIDs. The proposed Update (STU 2.1) will correct the OIDs in the text and figures. (The original STU 2 used different OIDs in the examples compared to the text but these should be corrected in STU 2.1). In addition to Vol 3, the STU 2.1 update should include updated example files (with corrected OIDs).
    • Remove from Volume 3 all templates associated with QDM attributes. Rationale: Volume 1, conformance requirement 6, says "dataCriteriaSection entry’s SHALL NOT contain information related to data type attributes."
      • [Commenter: Paul Denning]
    • In Volume 1, remove the Note above conformance requirement 6 and below Snippet 10. It says "SHOULD" in conflict with conformance requirement 6 which says "SHALL" and "SHALL NOT", and it suggests that Volume 3 includes templates for QDM attributes (which should be removed; see previous comment)
      • [Commenter: Paul Denning]