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HL7 Clinical Quality Information (CQI) Work Group Wiki

The Clinical Quality Information Work Group Mission and Charter:

(Updated and Approved May 20, 2016)

The mission of the Clinical Quality Information Workgroup is to create and maintain information technology standards in support of measuring and improving health, health care and health care quality, including fostering collaboration and alignment among stakeholders addressing clinical decision support, quality measurement, outcomes, and improving clinical workflow.
The Clinical Quality Information Workgroup will coordinate activities with other workgroups to establish and maintain standards that support directed queries, clinical decision support artifacts and data sharing to determine the effectiveness of health processes and achievement of outcomes. The result of coordination of efforts will encourage harmonized standards to manage data capture, clinical workflow and interoperability.
Work Products and Contributions to HL7 Processes
The Clinical Quality Information workgroup will coordinate with all relevant groups to
1. Provide required domain expertise in development, maintenance and enhancement of standards;
2. Create and maintain HL7 standards related to health quality measurement and reporting;
3. Harmonize standards with clinical decision support to enable improvement in health care processes and health outcomes.


Future Meetings:

Conference Calls
Fridays from 1:00 - 3:00 pm ET US
Dial in: 770-657-9270
Passcode: 217663

Recurring Monthly Conference Call Topics
First Friday of each month - DSTU comments (if any)
Second Friday of each month - Industry updates

Face-to-face Working Group Meetings (WGM)
Next HL7 WGM
January 16-20, 2017
San Antonio, TX, USA

Clinical Quality Information WGM Agendas

Conference Call and WGM Minutes
Clinical Quality Information Minutes

CQI Work Group Projects:

  • Alignment of Health Quality Related Standards- based on discussions at the Sept. 2013 WGM with CDS and SDWG, new Project Scope Statements were identified to help move forward with aligning the health quality standards. The following are the links to the different project pages: Webex number 195-440-181

  • QRDA Use Cases White Paper
    • QRDA Use Cases White Paper
    • Development of a white paper describing additional use cases for QRDA in preparation for January 2016 Ballot
    • Weekly Conference Calls
      • The ballot was submitted for the January 2016 cycle. Remember to sign up to comment on the ballot by December 3, 2015.
      • No further calls are scheduled at this time.
  • Whitepaper: A Framework for Standards to Report Quality Measures
  • FHIR-Based Clinical Quality Framework (CQF on FHIR) (Shared Sponsorship with CDS WG)
    • FHIR eCQM
      • This project is to define FHIR profiles for represent electronic clinical quality measures, requests for execution, and the measure reports themselves. Initially balloted for comment September 2015, it has been combined with the FHIR CDS into the FHIR-Based Clinical Quality Framework (CQF on FHIR).
    • Project wiki page
    • FHIR on CDS
      • Initially balloted for comment September 2015, it has been combined with the FHIR eCQM into the FHIR-Based Clinical Quality Framework (CQF on FHIR).
    • Weekly Conference Calls
  • Measure Reports Profile (Withdrawn)
    • This project has been withdrawn. It was initiated to explore creating a FHIR Profile for representing measure reports. The project is is subsumed by the FHIR eCQM Profile which includes definition of a quality measure and a measure report. As of January 2016, the FHIR eCQM and FHIR CDS projects have merged into a single project, the FHIR-Based Clinical Quality Framework (CQF on FHIR).
    • project wiki page

  • Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) Notice of Proposed Rule-making (NPRM) - Topics related to Hospital Outpatient Quality Reporting

CQI Work Group Co-chair Assignments:

  • DESD Vote Management
    • February 2015 - Crystal
    • March 2015 - Floyd
    • April 2015 - Walter
    • May 2015 - Chris
    • June 2015 - Patty
    • July 2015 - Crystal
    • August 2015 - Floyd
    • September 2015 - Walter
    • October 2015 - Chris
    • November 2015 - Patty
    • December 2015 - Crystal
    • January 2016 - Floyd
    • February 2016 - Floyd
    • March 2016 - Walter
    • April 2016 - KP
    • May 2016 - Patty
    • June 2016 - Floyd
    • July 2016 - Walter
    • August 2016 - Chris
    • September 2016 - KP
    • October 2016 - Patty
    • November 2016 - Floyd
    • December 2016 - Walter
    • January 2017 - Chris
    • February 2017 - KP
    • March 2017 - Patty
    • April 2017 - Floyd
    • May 2017 - Walter
    • June 2017 - Chris
    • July 2017 - KP
    • August 2017 - Patty
    • September 2017 - Floyd

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