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CBCC Use Cases

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See also: Glossary of Consent Terms for definition of acronyms and terms.

See also: Draft Security and Privacy Discussion

Use Cases


These actors are used in all CBCC use cases, with a common meaning and definition.

Consent Directives Management Service (CDMS)

Repository and associated services for creating, maintaining, and evaluating consent directive rules (Abbreviated term as used in ISO/IEC 29101).

CDMS Registry

Registry and location identifier of authorized consent directive management services.


Consumer or Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) who has rights for controlling IIHI content.

Consent Registrar

A person, other than an SDM who has been assigned the authority to act on behalf the Consenter when the Consenter cannot directly manage their own directives.

Consent Requestor

Person or organization requesting access to PHI, may be a heath care provider, insurance payer, research organization, government agency, or other authorized party.

Jurisdictional Authority

Jurisdictional Authority assigns the right to control protected health information and determines default juristictional consent rules. See also: Jurisdiction.

  • this is not a definition but rather a description of a role. Also the legal dictionary definiton of Jurisdiction while correct seems unrelated to the common understanding a Jurisdiction and thus confusing. Perhaps a reference to a Webster's type entry like, "power; authority; control: He has jurisdiction over all American soldiers in the area" would be clearer.


Consumer who is subject of IIHI and received medical services in the past. This is a role played by a consumer in relation to a provider organization or licensed providers.

IIHI Repository

Repository of Individually Identifiable Health Information (IIHI). General actor that includes EHR Systems, EMR Systems, PHR Systems, and other health platform repositories and portals.


A healthcare organization that is providing services to a Patient.

Substitute Decision Maker (SDM)

A person who is authorized under legislation to consent on behalf of the patient/person (See also: Glossary definition).