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Allergy & Intolerance substance September 2017 ballot outline

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  • Statement of problem: Substance codes too numerous to manage effectivley; specifically, C-CDA
    • UI design
    • message validation
    • correct level of specificity
    • errors based on
  • Goal: short list, heuristic
    • easy to pick 99% of time
    • easy to validate
    • also
      • correct level of specificity based on immunological understanding of cross-reactivity
      • omit junk (fish, seafood)
  • Considerations
    • not pharmacovigilance. compare FHIR properties.
    • length - ask about useful length
    • system tbd. so far realm-specific.
  • collection
    • describe data (period, source)
    • string not code. prior to map. therefore some junk.
    • duplication
    • weighting
    • distribution
    • mapping threshold. junk, significance.
  • issues found
    • see question page
  • QA process
    • heuristic
    • multiples
    • ballot
  • findings
    • list
    • dispersion by institution
    • top X% in Y#
  • Guidance for implementers
    • Nugatory values with high counts not included (e.g., seafood)
    • Inflated values with high counts included with caveats (e.g., iodine, iodinated media)
    • Application of true values (eggs & vaccine, erithromycin & azithromycin)
  • Questions for readers
    • what's the right length
    • one list or many?
    • what do we do about caffeine (RxNorm) vs caffeine (SCT)?
      • one list: which code
      • many lists: how to implement
    • feasibility & usefulness of criticalities