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2018-07-24 BR&R Conf Call

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 Hugh Glover (Lead, Co-Chair)
 Boris Brodsky (Scribe, Co-Chair)
 Ed Helton (Co-Chair)
 Myron Finseth (Co-Chair)
 Abdullah Rafiqi
 Andy Iverson
 Bill Friggle
 Jose Galvez
 Julia Chan
 Julie Evans
 Nagesh Bashyam
 Norman Gregory
 Ron Fitzmartin
 Bill Gregory
 Wendy Ver Hoef
 Smita Hastak
 Christie Denney

Agenda Items and notes

1. Minutes Approval

1.1 Last conference call

 Motion to approve – Jose/Myron – no abstained/negatives - approved

2. Project and PSS Review and Approval

Key Dates

Publishing Calendar
NIB July 15th
Initial Content Submission July 29th
Final Content August 19th
FHIR All FHIR Deadlines
Reconciliation packages must be posted August 5th
Content freeze August 17th

2.1 #1426 Women’s Health Technology Coordinated Registry Network (CRN)

Project Insight Link
Working area on confluence

 The project team is generating new infrastructure, will add content next week to GitHub once set up

2.2 #1425 CDISC Lab Semantics in FHIR

Project Insight Link
Working area on confluence

 Had a meeting last week, updates in the spreadsheet
 Working with O&O to address the issues
 Haven’t fully followed the mechanics of submitting to FHIR tracker, working through
 Have the NIB in, but concerns may not have the content completed by Aug 17th
 Started helping due to our experience with FHIR
 Going forward, TCB will be taking the lead
   TCB now has a developer with FHIR expertise will be joining the group to work towards the Connectathon
   Described the plan moving forward
   Need to finalize the list of deliverables for Aug 17th

2.3 #1424 Common Data Model Harmonization (CDMH) - FHIR Implementation Guide

Project Insight Link

 Project team starting to update the profile and developing the IG
   Should have the updated profile available within a couple of weeks

2.4 #1416 Exploration of FHIR resources to support IDMP 11238/19844 Substances Standard and Technical Specification.

Project Insight Link
Working area on Confluence

 (Rik and Panagiotis not available)
 Have regular meetings with Pharmacy (Melva Peters and Jean Duteau)
 Working on MedicationKnowledge and all the MedicinalProduct resources
 The current draft of MedicinalProduct is available in the FHIR build for review: MedicinalProduct resource

2.5 #1310 BRIDG Model Update (BRIDG Release 5.2 /HL7 BRIDG R5 is being updated)

Project Insight Link

 Proceeding as planned


===3.1 FHIR Tracker Items===

Current BR&R Open Items

All FHIR Tracker Items

Outstanding items
From Melva Peters:
Please ensure that you will have ballot reconciliation completed for the May 2018 comments before the August 5th deadline. You should also be working on the comments from the January 2018 ballot.
• May 2018 Ballot comments - Triaged = 4
• January 2018 Ballot comments - Triaged = 5
 Cannot leave as triaged, as it suggests they would be addressed by Sept ballot
   Instead, need to mark as “deferred”
 All comments are IDMP-related (as discussed at the last meeting)
 Motion to defer the tracker items: Jose / Ed, no abstentions/negatives, approved unanimously
 Other BR&R tracker items (10+): Hugh will confirm with Melva that not urgent to complete
 Discussed comments on ResearchStudy and ResearchSubject
 Christie’s team will review and recommend steps towards completion
   E.g. may need to create extensions to Encounter – need to determine with O&O who gets it published
   Julie will post the question in Zulip chat
 Going forward, as BR&R develops research profiles need to determine when we should own them
   May need to be determined with the owner of the resource, depending on whether the extension in question is only relevant to BR&R

3.2 Connectathon Tracks


 To advance, may start with a storyboard and use ClinFHIR to explore each scenario of interest
   Hugh has offered to put a storyboard together for Scenario
   Suggested for someone on the Lab team to develop one for Scenario

4. Action Item List

Link to list

5. AOB