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This page lists the tasks to be completed by work groups in preparation for the STU 3 release of the FHIR core specification. The timelines for implementation guide publication and balloting may differ. Implementation Guides may choose to either publish in sync with the core specification (and actively manage dependencies as underlying resources and profiles are updated) or may choose to ballot later, once the FHIR specification is finalized. (The disadvantage of the latter approach is that changes to the core specification identified as part of implementation guide revision won't be able to be applied until a subsequent release)

The current schedule for this release is as follows:

  • Sun. Feb. 5
    • Ballot reconciliation deadline - All ballot comments must be reconciled, tracker issue report must be clean
  • Sun. Feb. 19
    • Publication substantive resource freeze
  • Sun. Feb 26
    • Publication total freeze
  • Mon. Feb 27
    • QA period opens
  • Tue. Feb 28
    • FMM QA spreadsheet updated for all WG resources
  • Sun. Mar. 13
    • QA period closes
  • Sun. Mar. 19
    • All QA applied

The "following week" STU 3 is published!

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