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2018-03-28PC DrugAllergySubstance Call Minutes

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Meeting Information

HL7 Negation Requirements Meeting Minutes

Location: Phone

Date: 2018-03-28
Time: 5:00-6:00 ET
Facilitator Jay Lyle Note taker(s) Jay Lyle
Attendee Name Affiliation

y Jay Lyle JP Systems / VA
y Russ Leftwich
y Elaine Ayres
y Stephen Chu
y George Dixon
y Sue Kent
y Nancy Orvis
y Yanyan Hu


Agenda Topics

  1. Review changes applied to document


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  1. Shellfish
    1. Added 'shellfish-mollusk' to support guidance.
    2. Corrected 'shellfish' count, 'shellfish - crustacean' count
    3. Note: SCT concepts are for terrestrial mollusks; request parent concept for terrestrial and marine mollusks.
    4. Question: do we need a similar approach for marine crustaceans? No identified consumption of terrestrial crustaceans.
    5. Adding guidance not "not recommended" to identified concepts
  2. G-SRS
    1. No response from FDA. We will adopt G-SRS values if and when guidance if provided; if it's not available before we are ready to publish, we will publish without it.
      1. The only identified source for G-SRS data is clearly labeled 'demo,' and the first sample we tried identified an issue.
      2. We can build (have built) an RxNorm-UNII map from NLM RxMix, but since G-SRS is using IDMP we don't know if vanilla UNII is correct.
    2. We'll need some explanatory text either way.
  3. Comment 50 suggests adding a type field to the medication table, and it was voted persuasive. On further consideration, the participants agree this is more redundant information than is necessary.
  4. Comment 52 suggests adjusting the percentages to represent the fraction of the total rather than of the mapped subset. I.e., the percentages should sum to the 97.7% of total instances, not 100% of instances mapped. On further consideration, participants agreed this would introduce methodological questions that would require a great deal of effort to resolve, with limited benefit. We have added a key to the document defining the data in the columns.
  5. Review of vaccine/egg guidance
    1. Two sources. Citation/link for first source not found. Open issue.
  6. VSAC roles
    1. Need an author credential and a steward credential in VSAC; whether to use existing (e.g., HL7 Terminology) or new (e.g., HL7 PC), or something else.
    2. We presume steward will be PC; don't really care who author is as long as we have one.
    3. HTA responds it's not them; talk to Vocabulary.
    4. In process.
  7. VSAC metadata
    1. drafts complete; in current document

Meeting Outcomes

  • All: Please review proposed text; we will vote to publish next time
  • Russ: source for vaccine guidance

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • Vote to publish
  • FHIR & CCDA adoption (Michelle; Emma/Lisa?)
  • Maintenance schedule

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