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2017-06-30PC DrugAllergySubstance Call Minutes

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Review of questions

  • attending: Elaine, Russ, Jay, Rob H
  • vaccines: ~5 years, both orgs declared egg in influenza to be a non-issue. tested.
    • Reference? point to joint rec. Get.
    • also our numbers too small to worry about.
  • tetanus toxoid
    • dose may be high
    • ig in RxN; not toxoid
  • most too sparse; tdap can use rxn/cvx
  • TNF - if not rxn, sct. Also low frequency.
    • and toxic by definition
  • One list or multiple?
    • multiple gets around threshold
    • same data sets, food +. va dod cerner, + cleveland, nih, imhc
    • caffeine - open q
      • include Q in ballot
    • pivot table review
  • guidance
    • seafood. report numbers. encourage people not to use it.
    • mold.
    • numbers not code.
    • iodinated contrast: keep. numbers wrong but real. syn with high os.
      • equivalent. ask. verify. (Richard)
  • Azith/erith: we don't have data to support distinction.
  • criticality: we'll see what USP does.
    • but provide examples? cp DAM table.
  • There is NLP work on inserts for reactions. Could be useful.
  • caff, alc: specify assumptions, ask.
  • penicillins
    • no extensive studies
    • leave it as is for now (one class)
  • narcotic = opioid yes.
    • direct histamine releasers
  • morphine derivatives - also opioid
  • salicylates -
    • aspirin & topical
    • sodium salicylate
  • aspirin -rxn
  • salicylate - sct