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2016 03 30 Minutes - CQF Data Model Call

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  • Ashley Swain (ESAC)
  • Bryn Rhodes (Database Consulting)
  • Claude Nanjo (Cognitive)
  • Marc Hadley (Mitre)
  • Marc Kramer (Mitre)
  • Ken Kawamoto (University of Utah)
  • Richard Esmond (PenRad)


  • Review ProcedureProposal modeling approach presented to the CIMI WG Meeting
  • Review latest version of ProcedureProposal definition spreadsheet
  • Discussion of next steps

Demonstration options for HL7 WGM in Montreal:

  • Claude Nanjo provided an update on modeling work for CIMI. The presentation to the CIMI group can be found here:
  • The group the quickly reviewed the proposed attributes for Procedure Proposal. The current version of the spreadsheet can be found here:
  • Claude Nanjo presented next steps which include:
    • Creating two versions of the archetypes to support ProcedureProposal
    • Exploring the CIMI-to-FHIR mapping question. Ken Kawamoto asked about our modeling principles to minimize the transformation costs from CIMI to FHIR. Claude suggested that we identify those areas where CIMI differs from FHIR and (1) propose changes to CIMI if the changes are fairly minimal and do not impact CIMI's design principles, (2) propose changes to FHIR if the difference is key to computability or semantic accuracy but can lead to increased implementation/transformation costs (e.g., model granularity differences). Richard Esmond also proposed we look at the Neutral Mapping Notation.
  • Group agreed we should organize a tooling meeting for the HL7 meeting, perhaps Q5 or during one of our joint CIMI/FHIR calls.