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2016 01 27 Minutes - CQF Data Model Call

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  • Ann Phillips
  • Ashley McCrea
  • Bryn Rhodes
  • Chris Markle
  • Claude Nanjo
  • Darrel Woelk
  • Diedre Sacra
  • Emory Fry
  • Jay Lyle
  • Julia Skapik
  • Marc Hadley
  • Yan Heras


  • Discuss Modeling Initiatives with respect to demonstration at HL7 WGM in Montreal (May 2016).
  • CIMI Coordination Steps

Demonstration options for HL7 WGM in Montreal:

  • Emory Fry discussed options to use a neonatal clinical scenario (management of neonatal bilirubin) based on work currently in progress with CDS and modeling efforts.
  • Floyd Eisenberg suggested alignment of the scenario with existing quality measures (process or outcome) for the same concepts would provide an end-to-end loop of information and present a more realistic and effective approach. While only a few neonatal measures are currently endorsed by National Quality Forum, there are two organizations that develop measures for neonatal care and they may be interested in participation. Julia Skapik suggested such a CDS and measurement approach would be beneficial.

Next Steps

  • Emory Fry will present more detail about the potential scenario at the next call
  • Based on the scenario, the group will reach out to the appropriate measure developer to discuss their participation and address any potential IP issues with the respective measures.