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2016-07-01 HSI CALL

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  • Todd Cooper, Didi Davis, Laura Heermann, Scott Robertson

NOTE: There were meeting info challenges with old WebEx info


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
APPROVED (Didi moved, Todd 2nd; Scott abstained; Unanimous)
  • PSS Template - Update
  • General review of the project;
  • See 2016.06.17 notes for more information
  • No action needed now, given that the PSS template was recently published and is only done so annually
  • HL7-IHE Glossary - Update
  • Term Identification discussion
  • Laura captured initial set of terms and related topics in this File:HL7 IHE Glossary 20160701.docx
  • Starting with "connectathon" and "profile" ..
  • Need to prepend w/ qualifiers "IHE" and "HL7"
  • Also use context and 'usage' instructions / descriptions
  • Also consider related terms from processes around testing and certification (conformity assessment)
  • Perhaps leverage an approach like Red Hat: Tried - Tested - Trusted, and how HL7 and IHE can work together (e.g., @ FHIR) toward achieving CA => Trust
  • It was noted that part of the challenge is that CA is an evolving "moving target" in both organizations
  • Glossary review & approval process in both HL7 and IHE
  • ACTION( Todd ) Create a PSS for this work
  • ACTION( Todd ) Add Wiki Project Template page for this to capture the content; perhaps linking to a Google spreadsheet
  • ACTION( Laura) @ IHE? Laura to facilitate a sync w/ Carr re. DCC discussion

* DEV WG FHIR PSS - HSI as Co-Sponsor - Update

  • Todd briefed that a new HL7 DEV WG FHIR PSS is being developed and that the existing project will be deprecated
  • HSI will be called out as a co-sponsor in the new PSS, which will be distributed for review within HSI and discussed at the next meeting in 2 weeks