2016-06-17 HSI CALL

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  • George Cole, Todd Cooper, Didi Davis, John Donnelly, Dave Hamill, Laura Heermann


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve Minutes from previous calls
  • HL7 Project Tool Usage
    • NOTE: Dave Hamill is joining the call
    • Explore how to use HL7 project tools for HSI tracking (vs. the spreadsheet)
      • General discussion - kicked off by Laura - around the PSS info of relevance to HSI and what is captured in Project Insight, project reports, etc.
      • Latest report spreadsheet available (here) ... see 'HL7 Project List' file
      • "Collaboration Efforts" Field -
          • ACTION (HSI team) Review the contents of this field and propose standardized content for the PSS Template
            • August - Provide and review PSS Template update to Dave Hamill
            • September - Review at HL7 WGM
            • October - Finalize PSS template update
      • "SDO/Profilers" field also important for HSI to track
    • HSI Representation in Projects with Collaboration - Should HSI be co-sponsor, other role and when?
      • Decision was made that HSI should be a co-sponsor on all projects of relevance - where tracking and facilitation is of value
      • "Other Interested Parties" field captures information, but probably not of interest for HSI
    • Where should "coordination" files be located?
    • Discuss Project #1231 / FHIR PSS
      • General discussion; outcome was the DECISION above to be included as a co-chair when needed to effect the desired coordination / facilitation
  • HL7-IHE Press Release: Plan for HSI-developed "terms in conflict" directive development
    • Discussed the recent HL7-IHE press release and the role that HSI may play in effecting the improved coordination and communication
    • ACTION (HSI team): Identify "terms in conflict" and develop a document to explain the differences
      • In addition to "connectathon" and "profile", look for additional terms that potentially cause confusion in the industry, such as "transaction"
      • Consider reviewing general HL7 and IHE glossaries to identify possible challenged terms
      • QUESTION: What is the process within HSI and HL7 to review and approve this list.
        • ACTION (HSI Leadership): Pose that question to the T3SD co-chairs; ultimately Chris (IHE) and Wayne (HL7)
  • "Devices on FHIR" (DoF) 2016.09 FHIR Connectathon proposal / Integrating elements from IHE, HL7 and other groups
    • Todd provided a general discussion on this proposed FHIR Connectathon track
    • ACTION (Todd): Add HSI to the HL7 DEV WG FHIR PSS #1103 as a co-sponsor
  • Plan next meeting 2016.07.01