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20151208 US Realm SC Call

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US Realm Steering Committee Call Agenda/Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#

Date: 2015-12-08
Time: 1 PM Eastern
Co-Chairs Ed/Ken Note taker(s) Anne
Attendee / Name
Calvin Beebe Keith Boone x Hans Buitendijk
Lorraine Constable x Johnathan Coleman x Ed Hammond
x Tony Julian x Paul Knapp x Austin Kreisler
x Brett Marquard Ken McCaslin Nancy Orvis
Brian Pech x John Quinn Mark Roche
x Sandra Stuart . Pat Van Dyke . Anne Wizauer
Visitor / Name
x Anita Walden
no quorum definition



  • Agenda review
  • Review notes from 20151201_US_Realm_SC_Call
  • Project Approvals:
    • Project Approval Request from the CIC WG of the DESD for THEMES (Terminology Harmonization in Exercise Medicine and Exercise Science) Data Standards Project
  • Review of any outstanding issues


  • Project Approval Request from the CIC WG of the DESD for THEMES (Terminology Harmonization in Exercise Medicine and Exercise Science) Data Standards Project
    • Anita describes the project
    • Ed: Are they planning to meet at WGMs? Anita: Planning to send their project manager to work with CIC on the data elements, but not sure if it will be January or May. They will also be working with an HL7 modeler.
    • Ed: Physical fitness is a broad topic; were there any specific use cases? If this is just data creation it would be different than a normal DAM. Anita: Right now they'll follow the same format that other DAMs that CIC has done. Their domain is pretty small; similar in scope to some of the mental health disorders. They spoke last week to Child Health because they're going to study childhood obesity and Child Health will be somehow collaborating.
    • Austin: What makes this US Realm specific? Anita: The funding comes from the US government. Austin: would they be open to do some International outreach? Anita: They seem interested but not sure how it would affect their timelines. Austin reiterates its importance. Anita states international groups would need to bring funding. Funds come from US government. Jonathan states he wouldn't want to see the project held up in while International participation is being pursued. Austin doesn't think a delay of a week or two will matter. Would like to hear an answer before a vote.
    • Austin: Vocab is not listed as a cosponsor - they should be. Anita: CIC has approached Vocab on other projects but they have not been active participants. Austin: but a big part of this project is terminology. Anita: we'll approach them but this will run the same as the other DAMs we've done.
    • Anita will go back and check with the WG on International participation. States that fitness measure in the US are different. Austin states that should be defined in the PSS, then. Paul states that the issues and technology in the space are consistent. Anita: the definition of fitness in the US may be different because of our obesity rates. Ed: Biomarkers would be absolute. Paul: even if there is 10-15% difference in guidelines, the benefit casts the same regardless of the scales. Need a clarified rationale on US vs. International.
    • MOTION by Austin to postpone the issue while Anita goes back to the group to discuss broadening to International. Paul seconds. Johnathan suggests framing as a positive action to simply clarify the realm in the PSS.
    • VOTE: All in favor
  • Adjourned at 1:30 pm Eatern

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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