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HL7 PLA Call Minutes

Location: Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Participant Code: 985371,

Date: 2015-11-18
Time: 2PM
Facilitator Mary Kay/ Austin Note taker(s) Anne
Attendee Name

Calvin Beebe
Woody Beeler
Lorraine Constable
Bo Dagnall
Jean Duteau,
Rick Haddorff
x Tony Julian
Paul Knapp
Austin Kreisler,
x Lynn Laakso
x Mary Kay McDaniel
x Brian Pech
John Quinn
John Roberts
x Andy Stechishin
no quorum definition


Agenda review

  • Notes of 20151104_PLA_call review
  • Discussion:
    • Moving forward on product family management groups
  • notional division of products into product families and lines, to provide examples for peer review.
    • Level of granularity
    • Identify which pieces are orphaned, and the political elements to be surfaced.
    • Positioning cross-product family artifacts (standards naming)
  • BAM-lite feedback and review
    • Governance on V2.x (v2.9 substantive changes)
    • develop form to request establishing a Product Family


  • Next steps for methodology and management groups for V2
    • Brian: Publishing is the right domain for management group. Not sure V2 publishing as it is currently constituted are the right group of people to do it. Not sure about the role of the editors in that process.
    • MK: Can we manage that in the configuration of the management group overall? We could build out a structure and a mission and charter for V2 management and utilize the publishing as it is (cochairs, etc) and then put a caveat in there that additional people can be brought in as necessary. We could use FMG document and build it out.
    • Andy: there is a difference between formal management vs. de facto management - difference is publishing V2 and V3 tends to be a loose association of individuals.
    • MK: my thought in formalizing a management group with a M&C, etc. - don't have an issue where those meetings are held, but it would be good to have a process for people to follow with expectations, and this group provides the formal oversight of the activities
    • Andy: Management of V2 as a standard doesn't rest with publishing cochair. V2 management group is also wider than publishing cochairs.
    • MK: so what we're talking about doing is the next step is to look at a management M&C for the function of V2 specifically and forming the bodies that need to be included,
    • Lynn: how do we relate the governance model with FMG whose members are appointed with a V2 management group made of cochairs that are elected?
    • Andy: I don't think we're saying they're automatically part of the management group, although at least one should be included in it. And perhaps there should be a publishing representative on every management group.
    • MK: As an organization we need to increase consistency
    • MK is drafting a M&C for review on the next call. As a part of that we have objectives and risks that we need to balance against the BAM.
    • Tony: ArB had imagined that a bunch of new groups won't be created as someone is already doing this job - this is supposed to just formalize the groups already doing this. MK: Would you see that the M&C of the publishing group needs to change? Tony: That would be up to them, but V2 publishing has been doing this (management) job all along for V2. V3 publishing is not doing this job for V3. Andy: But there is only one publishing WG. Andy: so we'd need management groups for V2, V3, maybe a CDA, and FMG already exists.
    • Brian: because of the nature of the current publication processes, in the short run we need to acknowledge reality that there are going to be management group that are publication process specific. Over time we maybe are able to simplify some of the publishing processes to the point where some of these things could be unified. Smaller groups (Arden, etc.) may need to have a slightly different process.
    • MK: We need to formalize that publishing is the V2 management group, and as such it needs to perform certain management functions as outlined in the BAM, and those functions should be added to its existing M&C.
    • Tony: the next step would be for the TSC to approve that the group is taking on that role and review/approval of the updated M&C.
    • MK not available for the 2nd. Will follow up on the 16th for an update from publishing on approval of new M&C and discussion on methodology.

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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