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HL7 PLA Call Minutes

Location: Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Participant Code: 985371,

Date: 2015-09-02
Time: 2PM
Facilitator Mary Kay/ Austin Note taker(s) Anne
Attendee Name

x Calvin Beebe
Woody Beeler
x Lorraine Constable
Bo Dagnall
Jean Duteau,
Rick Haddorff
x Tony Julian
x Paul Knapp
x Austin Kreisler,
Lynn Laakso
x Mary Kay McDaniel
Brian Pech
John Quinn
x John Roberts
x Andy Stechishin
no quorum definition


Agenda review

  • Notes of 20150826_PLA_call review
  • Update on responses from SGB candidates
  • notional division of products into product families and lines, to provide examples for peer review.
    • Level of granularity
    • Identify which pieces are orphaned, and the political elements to be surfaced.
    • Positioning cross-product family artifacts (standards naming)
  • BAM-lite feedback and review
    • Governance on V2.x (v2.9 substantive changes)
    • develop form to request establishing a Product Family


  • TSC approved the slate of potential candidates as they exist now. If there are changes we will go back with those changes for approval.
  • TSC will review list of people and consider who might be the TSC-appointed chair on their 9/14 call.
  • Mary Kay emailed Russ Hamm and got a favorable response. Has not yet heard back from Alexander Henket despite multiple emails. Paul and Lorraine note that he's been active on Skype chat with FHIR issues and reaches out to him there.
  • SGB has a room on Sunday for the first meeting.
  • Mary Kay keeping list of housekeeping items for initial SGB to consider
  • First tasks:
    • How will FGB be folded in
    • Create a list of methodology statements/policies and practices so we know what they are.
    • Another is the identification of the process for standing up other product families
    • DMP and SWOT need to be developed
    • Engage HTA (co-chairs are Sandra Stuart/Heather Grain) - pick individuals to visit HTA in Atlanta
    • Level set as a committee on what is it to work on governance vs. what is it to work on management vs. what is it to work on methodology. Lorraine will pull up Ron's presentation on the subject for Atlanta.
      • Anne to submit checklist for website creation, etc. Will determine interim co-chairs next week.
      • Anne to add agenda item to co-chair dinner to announce SGB to co-chairs
    • Need to talk to TRAC - do formal reachout to meet in Atlanta.
    • TSC should review whether enough of TRAC's activities are handled by SGB that TRAC can be folded back into TSC

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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