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20150825 US Realm SC Call

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US Realm Steering Committee Call Agenda/Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#

Date: 2015-08-25
Time: 1 PM Eastern
Co-Chairs John Note taker(s) Anne
Attendee / Name
Calvin Beebe x Keith Boone x Hans Buitendijk
x Lorraine Constable x Johnathan Coleman x Ed Hammond
Tony Julian x Paul Knapp x Austin Kreisler
Ken McCaslin Brian Pech x John Quinn
Pat Van Dyke x Anne Wizauer x Sandra Stuart
John Roberts
Serafina Versaggi
Suzanne Gonzales-Webb

no quorum definition



  • Agenda review
  • Review notes from 20150818_US_Realm_SC_Call
  • Action Items
    • From the 2015-08-18 call:
      • Vote on the USRSC trackers based on Paul's disposition for each
      • Revisit Lorraine’s motion to withdraw the material that Grahame asked us to withdrawal, then future calls will focus on the remaining open items.
      • USRSC needs to create a streamline DMP as the default DMPs eVote criteria isn’t useful for USRSC as they meet each week
  • Discussion Topics:
  • Approval Items:
    • SD WG PSS Review: HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA® Release 2: Healthcare Associated Infection Reports, Normative Release 3 at Project Insight 1192 and Tracker 8577
    • OO Work Group PSS Review: Pastoral Care Order/Observations at Project Insight 1194 and Tracker 8579
    • SD PSS review: HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA® Release 2: Personal Emergency, Critical, and Advance Care Plan Document, Release 1 at TSC Tracker 8614
    • SD PSS Review: Occupational Data for Health Elements in Consolidated CDA at TSC Tracker 8615


  • Vote on trackers based on Paul's dispositions:
    • US Race and Ethnicity Value Sets: drop uc-core-ethnicity and use the DAF race extension for US Realm Race extension and rename as US Realm. There is a regulatory need; extended discussion over intent and focus. We are constraining a list of specific values within the boundary of the US realm - question is how tight should we go? Request is to loosen up the binding.

MOTION: Lorraine moves to find 5967 persuasive with mod and to change the binding to example rather than extensible. Paul amends the motion to say we'll create a US realm ethnicity extension and a US realm race extension and they will both be example bindings. Austin seconds. VOTE: Keith opposed. Johnathan abstains. 6 in favor.

    • US County Tracker items: Proposed Disposition: Use the DAF county extension for US Realm Race extension and rename as US Realm.
      • MOTION that this should be a first order element within the address data type as this is a concept which is more universal than just US although it may have a different name (county, parish, etc).
      • VOTE: Johnathan abstains. 5 in favor.
    • MOTION that 3823 should go back to FMG for triage. Second by Hans.
    • VOTE: Calvin abstains. 6 in favor.
    • 6929 on term 'practitioner' being too broad.
      • MOTION to refer to patient admin by Hans; second by Austin.
      • VOTE: all in favor
    • 7467 - should MU 3 elements be added?
      • MOTION not persuasive; MU3 has not been finalized; second by Hans.
      • VOTE: all in favor
    • 7595 - US Core should define constrained data type
      • MOTION by Paul: Not persuasive with mod - USRSC should establish a process to receive and approve US Realm profiles and to nominate certain profiles as US Realm Base Profiles which should be used as the starting point for US Realm FHIR artifacts to provide consistency where possible and reasonable within the US Realm. Second by Hans.
      • VOTE: All in favor
    • 7777:
      • MOTION by Lorraine that we mark it persuasive with mod - FHIR governance needs to improve its processes around profiles and this will be dealt with at the Atlanta WGM. Paul seconds.
      • VOTE: All in favor
      • 7776: Withdrawn
  • Review of HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA® Release 2: Healthcare Associated Infection Reports, Normative Release 3:
    • MOTION to approve by Austin; second by Keith
    • VOTE: All in favor

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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