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2014722 US Realm TF Call

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US Realm Task Force Call Agenda/Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#

Date: 2014-07-22
Time: 1 PM Eastern
Facilitator Ed Note taker(s) Lynn
Attendee / Name
x Calvin Beebe Woody Beeler Keith Boone
Joe Bormel x Lorraine Constable Julie Crouse
x John Feikema Freida Hall x Ed Hammond
Tony Julian x Paul Knapp x Austin Kreisler
x Lynn Laakso regrets Ken McCaslin x John Quinn
David Susanto Pat VanDyke x Bryn Rhodes
Visitor / Name
Yan Heras, Lantana Crystal Kallem, Lantana KP Sethi, Lantana
no quorum definition




  • Update to the project portfolio presentation - Feik
    • Last reviewed 2014-04-08
Initiative/Project Work Product Sponsoring Workgroup
EU-US Cooperation International CCDA-based Template (Universal Realm) Structured Documents –PID 1087 approved by TSC June 12
CDC Cancer Registry CDA-based Cancer Registry IG Public Health and Emergency Response – PID 1069 for approval by TSC 2014-07-14
Structured Data Capture FHIR Profile IG (for form-based structured data capture) OO –PID 1104 for approval by TSC 2014-07-14
Data Provenance TBD CBCC –PID 1093 approved by TSC 2014-06-16
Data Access Framework TBD TBD – FHIR?
Blue Button Blue Button + TBD – options include SD, Attachments
LRI/LOI/eDOS EHRs Functional Requirements IG O&O primary sponsor, EHR co-sponsor
  1. Project Approvals:
  2. Other projects for discussion:

Informative only:

Parking lot

Projects pending input, update, review with US Realm TF

  1. Project Update request of Harmonization of Health Quality Information Models – Logical Model for CQI WG of DESD cosponsored by CDS WG of SSD SD at Project Insight # 1045 and TSC Tracker #3347
    • Update: Based on US Realm TF review - Project team will submit the updated PSS to the Steering Division for their review
  2. (for Aug 4)Project Approval Process - US Realm


*Agenda review – convened 1:05 PM


  • Update to the project portfolio presentation – Feik
    • Internal portfolio review with Doug Fridsma’s replacement taking over. Steve is encouraged to attend the September WGM. Lorraine suggests he attend a call prior to the WGM as the US Realm TF meeting is late in the week.
    • Paul joins
    • Ed asks what relationship the HQMF projects have to the S&I work; Feik is unaware of what the relationship might be.
  1. Project Approvals:
    • Pending US Realm TF approval - Project approval request for Decision Support Service Implementation Guide, DSTU Updates for CDS WG of SSD SD cosponsored by SOA of FTSD at Project Insight # 1109 and TSC Tracker #3388.
      • This PSS update indicates they will ballot normative in September 2015 and will be an IG against the DSS Service specification.
      • Bryn moves and Calvin seconds approval ; unanimously approved
    • Project Approval request of Arden Syntax for Medical Logic Systems v3.0 for Arden Syntax WG of SSD SD at Project Insight # 1118 and TSC Tracker #3390.
      • This is meant to be the arden syntax IG. No one from Arden Syntax on the call. What is the relationship between this work and the knowledge language work coming from ONC asks Lorraine? Representation of arden in the latest expression language may have been an impetus for the creation of this project. Let’s review next week with Arden representation.
      • Project is indicated as UV realm but are adding work in the US Realm
      • The CQI work, Clinical Expression language, RDF proposed WG, and this work are all of concern. This may be a reaction by Arden to their exclusion from adoption in MU Regs for the expression language.
      • Bring representatives next week; Bryn will represent the CQI.
  2. Other projects:
    • HQMF no representatives
    • Patient Care FHIR resources have excluded their CCDA scope and are moving ahead

Adjourned 1:30 PM

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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