2013-04-08 Rx Conf Call

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  • Hugh Glover (chair & scribe), Scott Robertson, Jean-Henri Duteau, John Hatem, Derek Evans

The Agenda / Minutes follow ...

Outstanding Issues

Resolving CMET projects

  • Jean-Henri thinks its solved.
Hugh to check with Melva.

Standing Items

List Serve Discussions

  • Discussion of Dispensing for automated dispensing machines under V2.
Hugh will check with Tom to see if this is a topic for the WGM

Planning for Out of Cycle Meeting

  • Joint with IHE and ISO TC215 WG6 will be on Monday and Pharmacy will meet separately on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Main topic for discussion is Medication profile and current notes are at: [1]
  • Draft OOC agenda is at 2013-06_Out_of_Cycle_Meeting_-_den_Haag
All for next week: prepare to discuss Structured Doc as means of presenting Medication Profile and preparation of note to send to Structured Doc

May WGM Agenda