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HL7 TSC FGB Meeting Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#
GoToMeeting ID: 489-406-709

Date: 2012-11-07
Time: 5:00 PM U.S. Eastern
Facilitator: Ron Parker Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Quorum = Chair plus 2 yes
Chair/CTO Members Members
x Ron Parker x George (Woody) Beeler x Ewout Kramer
. John Quinn x Grahame Grieve
observers/guests x Austin Kreisler
Lynn Laakso, scribe
Brian Pech


  • Evolve criteria around these three focal points.
    1. First set:FHIR methodology resources;
    2. Second set: Attribution resources is important, as being developed by PIFM;
    3. third set is marketing potential archetypes from potential funders having interest


  • Roll call
  • Agenda Review - also note observations from first FMG call last Friday; Ewout asks about minutes of a connectathon; Ron feels the Management group would take responsibility. Grahame asks about some precepts.
  • Approve minutes of 20121024 FGB concall notes; Ewout moves and Woody seconds approval. Unanimously approved.
  • FMG kickoff meeting Friday 2012-11-02 reviewed.
    • They were missing David Hay (Saturday morning for him); everyone else made it.
    • Significant learning curve in new participation of groups
    • Very interested in knowing what they're meant to do.
    • Chair election out for e-vote.
    • Emphasized non-hierarchical model between FMG, FGB, MnM.
    • FGB needs to assign their first tasks; e.g. Ewout's note on managing connectathons
  • work out terms of reference for FMG
    • draft M&C not finalized; though approved by TSC they are changing cochair structure. They will want additional clarity on their risk management which the precepts should provide. They must determine what they will do to mitigate the risks.
      • They asked about the formal obligations of those members suggested by the Steering Divisions. They are a communications vehicle. Although nominated from SDs they are not formally representing the SDs that nominated them. SDs cannot revoke their membership.
      • This was not specifically reviewed with them during the call. We reviewed the DMP.
    • draft DMP was reviewed with modifications suggested. . They'll have to ratify once they have a chair.
      • what is the FGB going to do next before the next WGM.
      • Ron working on precepts, metrics and measures from the wiki, which blend methodology, management and governance. Wiki descriptions are very organic and not helpful to break them into the three perspectives. FHIR list is prolific and very active, thus challenging for him to remain engaged such that the governance viewpoint is maintained. FMG should take on Ballot role, assembly and publication, resolution of comments, etc. without respect to content.
      • Next connectathon is 6 weeks away - not much time to roll over process. Grahame will be working on that as Mike Henderson is not available this cycle. Calls were conducted to review scope and scenarios. Ewout notes that Jean and David are already up to speed, in terms of rolling over management this cycle. Put this to the FMG on Friday as the first charge.
      • FHIR going back to ballot as draft for comment by the 25th. FMG needs to maintain developer awareness of freezing FHIR during the ballot as Work Groups continue to develop resources. Resources are balloted along with FHIR as a package. FMG needs to figure out how to manage it - they must find out if the developers are ready for the ballot. Ewout notes during PA work methodology 2 questions arose regarding what is a resource and what is not, and the other is about naming. Who determines the naming convention? Ron thinks that is methodology on the qualitative dimensions on naming, suitability of artifacts. Assertions that methodologists are involved in execution of project, developing resources but not required that only methodologists are involved with the development of the methodology. Management group should monitor these qualitative (and quantitative) aspects of the resources, to ensure quality metrics have been met. Methodologists are responsible for providing those metrics to management group.
      • How do we communicate these products to the marketplace? How do we manage the dynamic of change with input from the community? FMG will have to vet the external contributions. FGB manages resource development space.
      • FMG was told we're not creating process for its own sake, can operate lightweight. Needs-based process based on high-priority risks. Need to respect the obligation to the viewpoints of the "hat" you're wearing - management versus developer versus TSC versus methodologist, governance 'hat' versus management 'hat'.
      • Friday call walk through M&C, ballot process management and connectathon. Methodology defines the rules and management would enforce it. How will MnM handle this? Lloyd needs to own that 'hat'. MnM also needs to update their M&C to reflect this.
      • Need a project to define deadlines, resources, etc related to MnM - action item for Woody.
    • What resources need to be in the next ballot - FGB needs to define. Subject of care, prescription, other suggestions offered by Ewout. Person/patient management, lab reports are Grahame's focus. Infrastructure management, XDS in connectathon but not the ballot. Prescription resource may not be ready for ballot. Austin notes OO overwhelmed with other projects, and may not have bandwidth to work on it soon. Grahame asks if it's worthwhile to accept comments on the lab result resource if they can't work on it.
  • Next steps: Responsibilities for resources

Adjourned 6:01 PM EST

Next Steps

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
  • Woody to develop a project to define deadlines, resources, etc related to MnM
  • Ron working on the precepts.
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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