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20120607 arb minutes

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ARB - Meeting (Date in Title)


  1. Call to order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Approval of Previous Minutes
  5. Report from Architecture Project
  6. Review Jane’s revised project scope statement for Risk Assessment Project.
  7. FHIR Governance Task Force.
  8. Planning:
    1. Risk Management Project Scope Approval
    2. Risk Management Project ArB Task Assignment
    3. HL7 Strategic Initiatives Review
    4. Refine DAM definition
    5. SAIF Glossary Finalization
    6. SAIF Wiki Update
    7. HL7 Business Architecture
    8. FHIR and Semantic Web
    9. FHIR - Services - SAIF Dynamic Model
    10. SAIF Model IG
    11. Review FHIR IG
    12. Separating Semantics from Rendering in CDA R3
    13. Guidance / Considerations for choosing v2, v3, CDA (or FHIR) as your interface paradigm.
    14. Maturity of HL7 and the customer base
    15. Templating as Architecture
  9. Tony and Ron to have developed ArB Agendas between now and Sept WGM to ensure we meet all our obligations.
  1. Other business and planning
  2. Adjournment

Meeting Information

HL7 ArB Work Group Meeting Minutes

Location: Telcon

Date: 20120607
Time: 4:00pm U.S. Eastern
Facilitator Charlie Mead Note taker(s) Tony Julian
Attendee Name Affiliation
. Bond,Andy NEHTA
. Constable, Lorraine Constable Consulting Inc.
X Curry, Jane Health Information Strategies
X Dagnall, Bo HP Enterprise Services
. Grieve, Grahame Health Intersections Pty Ltd
X Hufnagel, Steve U.S. Department of Defense, Military Health System
X Julian, Tony Mayo Clinic
. Loyd, Patrick ICode Solutions
X Lynch, Cecil Accenture
X Mead, Charlie National Cancer Institute
X Milosevic, Zoran NEHTA
. Ocasio, Wendell Agilex Technologies
. Parker, Ron CA Infoway
. Quinn, John Health Level Seven, Inc.
. Guests
X Kreisler, Austin SAIC - Science Applications International Corp
. Legend
X Present
. Absent
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


  1. Call to order at 4:05pm Eastern.
  2. Roll Call (see meeting information above )
  3. Approval of Agenda
    1. approved by affirmation
  4. Approval of Previous Minutes
    1. No approval due to lack of Second.
  5. Report from Architecture Project (Hl7 Architecture Program)
    1. Change name to HL7 Architecture Program
    2. Goal to roll out a broad-based architecture for HL7.
    3. Experiments are underway, some are maturing.
    4. Might need tweaks to mission and charter.
    5. Ripple affect to Risk Assessment.
    6. Name change is meant to define a scope that includes coherent intersection between FHIR, the SAIF-IG, and strategic Initiatives.
    7. ArB recognizes as a general topic that WE will be tasked to become involved with the HL7 Architecure program, HL7 Governance, Architectural governance, FHIR, etc.
  6. Review Jane’s revised project scope statement for Risk Assessment Project.
    1. Project scope statement for the Risk assessment Project will be new, closing the previousk and broadening the scope to include ArB to do work and TSC to approve.
    2. Are we ready to send it forward? What is the process? Do we send to TSC since we have no steering division?
    3. Austin: Yes, TSC will distribute to all work groups for comment, and bring to TSC for approval.
    4. Jane will forward to Lynn.
    5. Charlie: Where did the project come from? Whose idea was it?
    6. Jane:Risk assessment was a recommended step in the SAIF-IG. Need to do risk assessment and proposed for the two-architecture problem.
    7. Charlie:Why a risk profile only on Strategic Initiatives(SI)? They are at a high level, the risks will not be concrete enought to generate governance points.
    8. Jane: Previous SAIF program brainstormed about the risks - which are input to this project? The SI are a statement of intent. Between the two of them the conversation will bring out more potential governance points.
    9. Charlie: Main output at a bare minimum is how to document risk.
    10. Jane: Yes/
    11. Charlie: A pilot study on how to do this.
    12. Jane: Takes us down a road to change management(CM).
    13. Charlie: CM is one of the risks.
    14. Jane: Other stuff will come up.
    15. Charlie: We have a formal expression?
    16. Jane: Yes - we need to put time on the calendar to discuss, one cannot do it by oneself.
    17. Charlie: It is on the schedule Ron distributed to be done by September. It is identified as group work. Not a Solo gig.
    18. Jane:need a motion to approve.
    19. Motion to approve the PSS as distributed(Jane/Tony)
    20. Vote(5-0-1)
    21. Charlie: I will present at TSC.
  7. FHIR Governance Task Force.
    1. Austin: Task force is to define governance management for FHIR, aligned with SAIF Governance.
    2. Charlie: I hope you are seeing advantages.
    3. Austin: Good that Ron has been on board to coach the alignment. WHat will come out will be alinged with the SAIF governance as described in the SAIF-CD. The methodology group is aligning with MnM. Close to finalizing the mission and charters for the governance and management groups, including decision making practices. TSC should be able to formalize the groups shortly. The FHIR resource development will be on the TSC agenda. Until the groups are stood up, the TSC will have to do the work. Hope to get through quickly. There may be some resistance to do so for a standard that has not been balloted - but the direction is good.
    4. Charlie: I have been pushing/interested in a semantic web base representation of FHIR resources. This will get around problems, avoid overlap, and disjointedness. One of the W3C guys came to Vancouver, to see our problems. That is paying off substantially. As of today they feel they have a solution for the core problem - how do you get a computable representation of RIM profiles, etc. They can show and walk through it in a couple of weeks. It is an RDF expression with two layers of spin.
    5. Charlie: Governance around FHIR may have support from wemantic web technolgies.
    6. Cecil: I would attend.
    7. Charlie: Requires two layers of spin. The RIM education stuff helped.
  8. Open Health Tools
    1. Jane:HL7 will become a community engaged in the Open Health Tooling alpha project.
    2. Jane:Will use the new registry. Would like ArB to be one of the test user groups.
    3. Charlie:What do we need to do.
    4. Jane:the shared artifact repository will be ready as an alpha program - colaboration of sharing artifacts. I am responsible for HL7 to trial it. ArB would be nice test case.
    5. Charlie: ArB should be interested.
    6. Jane: I would like to propose the ArB to excercise it. We need to have it noted that the ArB will trial tht product. Responsibility is to provide feedback.
    7. Charlie: TSC has asked ArB perspectives.
    8. Jane: Tooling will be using it to manage assets. It has an internal repository, as well as pointing to external sources.
    9. Austin: Are you asking the TSC to direct the ArB to be involved?
    10. Jane: It will be on the agenda for the June 18th, call. The Architecure program could be so as well.
    11. Motion The ArB become an active participant in the open health tools architecture program (Jane/Cecil)
    12. Vote (6-0-0)
    13. Jane: The TSC will approve June 18, put on the ArB 21st agenda for an tutorial. Needs formal agreement by Chuck or John.
  9. Planning:
    1. We need to review the list for correctness, completeness, and prioritization.
    2. Tony posted the DAM to the wiki.
    3. Postpone till next week the following:
    4. Risk Management Project Scope Approval
    5. Risk Management Project ArB Task Assignment
    6. HL7 Strategic Initiatives Review
    7. Refine DAM definition
    8. SAIF Glossary Finalization
    9. SAIF Wiki Update
    10. HL7 Business Architecture
    11. FHIR and Semantic Web
    12. FHIR - Services - SAIF Dynamic Model
    13. SAIF Model IG
    14. Review FHIR IG
    15. Separating Semantics from Rendering in CDA R3
    16. Guidance / Considerations for choosing v2, v3, CDA (or FHIR) as your interface paradigm.
    17. Maturity of HL7 and the customer base
    18. Templating as Architecture
  10. Adjournment at 4:50pm Eastern upon motion by Tony/Cecil.