2011-10-10 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair - Tom, Scribe - Hugh, Thiery, Scott, Rob, Vassil, Ana, Melva

Republished Ballot Content Status

Nothing to report

Mailing List Topics

Scott: to resolve v2 Question

OOC Review

Melva: is co-ordinating Pharmacy notes
Everyone: Any items from Joint meeting to Ana please
Tom: to write up some description for publication in the HL7 newsletter - these need written and also reviewed by IHE then sumbmitted for publication by Oct 24th to be in the next newsletter.

Ballot Reconciliation

  • IDMP; Medication Knowledge Base; Medication Statement and Administration
Hugh: to complete reconcilliation for the latter 2 and then get all three approved on callnext week.

Project Planning Review - review new project scope statements

Clinical Statement

  • PSS confirmation held over to next week
  • Aiming for a review of content by 31st

hData (SOA joint project)

  • Melva Concerned that it is shown as our project rather than being joint project
Hugh: to invite SOA to call either next week or the 24th

Action Item List

John: to pull items from WGM and add to list


Jean-Henri: to report back on Semantics text next week