2011-10 Out of Cycle Meeting - Paris

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Thur Q1

  • Agenda check
  • Institutional Process
    • Order
    • Administer
    • Supply
  • look at Medication Order and Medication Dispense and Supply we already have
  • What are difference to deal with

Thur Q2 and Q3

  • Group 1 - Order
  • Group 2 - Administer
  • Group 3 - Supply
  • Process modeling
  • Attribute level differences

Thur Q4

  • Review progress

Fri Q1

  • John Hatem questions on Clinical Stmt comparison
  • Ballot differences

Fri Q2 & Q3

  • Drafting ballot content

Fri Q4

  • Wrap up

Background topics

  • Vocabulary
  • Infusions
  • CPM Harmonisation proposals

Major Outcomes

File:Pharmacy WG Out of Cycle Meeting Minutes - Paris - October 5-7, 2011 (20111214).pdf

Additional material


File:Revised Introduction Oct11.doc

Joint with IHE

  • Lots of discussion - Tom and Julie gave presentations
  • Agreed that
    • IHE have valuable and appropriate use cases that HL7 could usefully follow
    • IHE can provide good examples and implementation guidance based on HL7 models
    • Alignment of work between the two groups would be helpful for both
    • A further joint meeting in a year would be good

Pharmacy WG

  • Reviewed underlying processes by comparison with IHE profiles and existing ballot material
  • Divided into 2 groups (Order and Dispense)
    • each group independantly chose new use cases and worked through them;
    • reviewed Application Roles and
    • reviewed model attributes
  • Further discussion of Application Roles spawned a sub-group that considered how to harmonise them and decided to construct a naming convention to be applied across all ballot topics.
  • Considered the Pharmaceutical Advice topic and established that we do have content to meet this requirement but that it belongs under an existing "Patient Related ..." query topic that shpuld be renamed
  • Considered the "Encoded Order" and how to represent it - it's close to Pharmaceutical Advice
  • Reviewed the coverage of infusion related use cases
  • Decided not to ballot in January, but to have content for the January WGM
  • Reviewed revsions made to the SVN hierarchy