2011-06-20 Rx Conf Call

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Rob Hallowell (chair), Hugh Glover (scribe), Julie James, John Hatem, Garry Cruickshank, Jean-Henri Duteau, Scott Robertson, Melva Peters, Ana Estelrich, Tom de Jong, Vassil Petchev

Outstanding Actions from Previous Calls


ISO Dose Syntax

Tim will follow up as to who will taken over from Jo Goulding - probably John Arnott.
Tim will drop John Quin a note that Pharmacy is interested


Vocab Harmonisation from Canada

Hugh will send prev SBADM.code Harmonisation Proposal to Wendy.

Planning (Melva)

Web space for draft publishing

Electronic Services still looking but there is no free space available on HL7

JohnH has found a web site with 2 GB of free space.

Jean and John will explore options - report back next week.


This is due on Sunday.

Jean Henri and Hugh need to tell Rob what has changed since last ballot
Rob will submit the necessary forms

Ballot Spreadsheets

Its not entirely clear where the latest versions are.

Rob will post what he has to the list
John and Melva will discuss best way to manage the process generally

Harmonisation Proposals

Wendy will submit revised proposals next week.

Action Item List (John)

The items from Orlando that were added to the list were reviewed. the revised list has been updated and placed on SVN.

IDMP Substances Ballot Reconcilliation

The non-negative items were accepted as a block. Motion proposed John Hatem, Seconded Melva Peters, passed (8,0,1)

Item #3 was discussed and some change was made to the disposition comment before being accepted.

The one remaining negative was held over to the following week.

Agenda for Next Week

is here