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20101209 arb telcon minutes

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ArB Minutes

Meeting Information

HL7 ArB Work Group Meeting Minutes

Location: Telcon

Date: 20101209
Time: 4:00pm U.S. Eastern
Facilitator Charlie Mead Note taker(s) Tony Julian
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Bond,Andy NEHTA
X Curry, Jane Health Information Strategies
. Grieve, Grahame Kestral Computing
X Hufnagel, Steve U.S. Department of Defense, Military Health System
X Julian, Tony Mayo Clinic
. Koisch, John Guidewire Architecture
X Loyd, Patrick Gordon point Informatics LTD.
. Lynch, Cecil ontoreason LLC
X Mead, Charlie National Cancer Institute
. Ocasio, Wendell Agilex Technologies
ex Parker, Ron CA Infoway
. Quinn, John Health Level Seven, Inc.
. Shakir, Abdul-Malik Shakir Consulting
. Guests
. Nelson, Dale zed-logic
. Knapp, Paul Continovation Services Inc
X Laakso, Lynn Health Level Seven International
X Robertson, Scott Kaiser Permanente
X Smith, Karen HL7 Technical editor
X Stuart, Sandy Kaiser Permanente
Quorum Requirements Met: (YES)


Agenda Topics

  1. Call to order
  2. Agenda review and approval
  3. Approve previous meeting minutes
  4. Sydney


  1. MMS to approve Minutes of December 2, 2010 Telcon(Scott/Sandy) Unanimous
  2. Sydney-

There were 78 signed up for the meeting, including Sydney participants. Charlie e-mailed Ron and Tony. Tony queried the groups for joint meetings. Each of them has answered affirmatively. InC Agenda: they are supposed to with some help from ArB take on the implementation of ECCF.

Jane Curry: There are some existing standards that InC is responsibile for, including realm local extension. It should be usefule for them since they have that responsibility. We may need to put together a Project scope statement with InC, MnM, and Vocab.

Charlie Mead: InC enthusium is not high. We can lay out what they should/could do, and relate back to TSC.

Jane Curry: That chapter is in their realm.

Charlie Mead: We harmonized their terms and added missing items. They need to make changes - question is if they are willing to do it. In August they agreed to discuss it. TSC wants committment. Jane should write up set of bullet points.

Patrick Loyd: BF and the other new piece is idea that composite order was the one project HL7 would implement with TSC direction as it relates to a full set of specification - all workgroups would sign up and get involved. I am getting it drafted, to bring to ArB. Our first subject domain to use SAIF from soup to nuts. OO is working with TSC, need to find how Austin will lead the effort, to bring in BF and all the other pieces.

Charlie Mead: That would intersect with the EHR discussion. Will you have the 'state of the state' document so we can go over it Sunday in Sydney. I thought the other thing OO was doing was developing the BF meta-model.

Patrick Loyd: Yes, that is happening - meeting tomorrow.

Charlie Mead: I will bring to Sydney (developed by , Zorin, a developer of RM-ODP) a BF model for NCI.

Karen Smith: We are talking about BF.

Charlie Mead: We are talking about a meta-model for the BF.

Jane Curry: Karen is finishing up, and needs to know who to hand it off to.

Charlie Mead: Give it to Ron and I, and we will handle it: logical person is John Koisch.

Karen Smith: In a couple of week I will make sure I have finished the DITA updates on the BF and hand it to you.

Andy Boyd: Zorin will be in Sydney, talking about BF.

Charlie Mead: He can explain the BM he has developed. NCI has model of ECCF I will bring as well.

Tony Julian: MnM topic will be convergence of HDF to HDM + SAIF.

Jane Curry: Current HDF is on process, and is not detailed in methodology, not strong on development - never did cover full scope of HL7 Standards. There has begun to surface a request for methodology for CDA implementation guides.

Tony Julian: Meeting with ES about saif and sound.

Jane Curry: WOrk with them to find a place for the SAIF book.

Charlie Mead: For the SAIF book to be finished the GF and IF need to be written. There is a final round of edits on ECCF and BF. We would be better focused by concentrating our bandwidth on the remaining. There is enough in the SAIF book and core-principles, and what we can glean about governance, we can start implementing. If we spend very much on the book rather than the implementation guide, we will not be advancing.

Jane Curry: It is then premature about publishing the SAIF book.

Charlie Mead: Publishing an implementation guide - we will have to send it out, and get those who have to use it to discuss it.

Karen Smith: I would also like to see the SAIF book published after it is finished, after GF and IF are in there, and ECCF and BF are finished.

Jane Curry: Which is not going to happen in January. From a joint ES meeting, it is not a good use of our time in Sydney.

Charlie Mead: Tony should drop them an e-mail that if the topic is the SAIF book then we need to delay.

Karen Smith: I know that your people are working on different implementation guides, that if we publish them also, I dont know if they will be part of the SAIF book or separate, so people can pick which to use.

Charlie Mead: SAIF book will contain links to implementation guides, but will be separate.

Karen Smith: Agreed - I like having that link. IG does not have to have links to DITA.

Jane Curry: We can insert the links at any time.

Charlie Mead: Does that cover out joint meetings in Sydney? There was an e-mail earlier today about the tutorial.

Tony Julian: We need a finite agenda for the ArB meeting in Sydney.

Charlie Mead:Does everyone agree on the importance of governance?

Andy Bond: IG is also important.

Jane Curry: Becomes enforcement.

Charlie Mead: Includes vitality process. It is not just IG, and not just GF. Without governance the IG does not matter.

Jane Curry: Need to put it in context with the governance that is in place.

Charlie Mead: NCI is approaching governance(mapable to HL7 on a high level) find points of highest risk, and govern them.

Jane Curry: What will Charlie present to TSC on Saturday?

Charlie Mead: Will tell TSC we want time on Sunday for Strawman proposal. Austin is interested in governance. He will be willing to give us a spot. I will find out if there is anything burning they need for Saturday.

Charlie Mead: I assume that if I had said anything out of line you would stop.

Stephen Hufnagel: I can do so on the fly.

Charlie Mead: That is Ok.

Jane Curry: I was given a name that you and Nancy Orvis had been discussing. Steven Hufnagel: The product is integrate, to do knowledge aquisition, supports truth tables, associated with process diagrams and decision policies.

Jane Curry: I got some info to read up on it. Steven Hufnagel: We are evaluating.

Jane Curry: Can Discuss.

Charlie Mead: Cecil has written a rough draft of the implementation framework for the Information Framework. I can ping him again - maybe he will.

Andy Bond: Can we at least go through an outline?

Tony Julian: Anyone want to meet on December 23, 2010 or December 29, 2010? DOUBLE NO!

Tony will cancel those meetings.

Charlie Mead: We promised that the first thursday a lot of people will be travelling, so the December 16 will be the last meeting.

Karen Smith: Last training class next thursday 1-3. Adjournment at 4:52pm Eastern.