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201001 WGM ArB Publications

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The following projects, artifacts, and pages represent areas of ArB involvement with the HL7 community.

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  • Cecil …. Guide to Domain Models [| Tracker 1405]
  • Jane … Governance Framework, as is.[| Tracker 1407
  • Ron or Charlie … can one of you get Ted or Jobst to contribute their Core Principles doc (as is, or an old version) as DRAFT of our Info Framework
  • Charlie, Cecil …. Draft / outline of paper with AnnW re: Information Framework [| Tracker 1408]
  • Communication Plan [| Tracker 1411]
  • Charlie … link to Conformance Minutes from WGM [| Tracker 1412]

SAIF Alpha Projects

  • OO Project Update [| Tracker 1409]
  • Cecil … CDA R3 Update and artifacts [| Tracker 1427]
  • John …. Notes to CTS 2 discussion in Vocab [| Tracker 1413] ....
    • Moved: Steve Connolly moved that the following actions be recommended to the TSC through the Steering Division. The CTS2 process needs more feedback from the community. The actions required are: OMG natural process – which will move through OMG governance and come back .... and then to have the OMG submitters come back to the HL7 community and discuss and engage the CTO to facilitate that process and would preferably include an HL7 (Vocabulary community) host a meeting to ensure that the interested communities are informed of issues, learning and actions planned. Discussion: The intention is not to develop new material but to leverage the learnings of the OMG process and early implementers to inform the development of the normative CTS2 in the most effective manner. Seconded: Beverly Knight Vote: Yes 15 No 0 Abstain 0.
  • Grahame …. Project plan for Higher Level Compositional Vocabulary Services [| Tracker 1406]
  • Dale …. ITS SAEAF Project update (project docs? Ideas?) [| Tracker 1410]

Points of Contact for SAIF Alpha Project

See Ea rollout facilitators