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2010-12-21 PA Call Minutes

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Interdependent Registries Call

Meeting Information

HL7 Interdependent Registries Meeting Minutes

Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270
Participant Passcode: 986210
GoToMeeting ID: 834202056

Date: Tue 2010-12-21
Time: 1:00 PM (US Eastern Time, GMT -4 DST)
Facilitator Gregg Seppala Note taker Gregg Seppala
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Gregg Seppala .
X Sasha Bojicic .
X Steve Connolly .
X Wendy Huang .
X Patrick Loyd .
X Galen Murooney .
X Sue Thompson .
X Steve Witter .
X Jay Zimmerman .


Agenda Topics

  1. Approve agenda
  2. Approve minutes
  3. Progress on HL7 semantic profile for the Healthcare, Community Services and Provider Directory SOA standard
  4. Review progress on
    • Business cases
    • Domain Analysis Model
    • Glossary
    • Dynamic Model
  5. Plan for January WGM
  6. Adjourn

Supporting Documents

  1. Interdependent Registries Project Wiki
  2. Registry State Model based on existing message standard


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  1. Approved agenda
  2. Reviewed minutes from previous meeting
  3. Progress on HL7 Healthcare, Community Services and Provider Directory (HCSPD) service functional model standard
    • Service Functional Model does not currently include a RIM-based information model
    • From Section 1.1.3 of the standard
      • Where both messaging and SOA based solutions are provided in a similar functional space, they must be based on the same conceptual information model. What may differ is the way that the information is “chunked” and the overall granularity of the message content. This alignment is achieved through the use of “semantic profiles” which are based on (i.e. use content extracted from) existing RIM based domain models.
    • Patient Administration drafted a white paper that maps HCSPD functions to RIM models. This white paper needs to be reviewed by the authors of HCSPD so that an HL7 Semantic Profile can be included (or referenced) in the OMG RFP.
    • This needs to be on SOA's agenda for Sydney
  4. Progress on Interdependent Registries business cases
    • Jay that that Infoway is dratfing three use cases to present in Sydney
    • Sasha said he would post to project Wiki when ready
  5. Progress on Domain Analysis Model (DAM)
    • Jay, Galen, Sasha and Patrick will schedule a call this week
    • Will start with Personnel Management DAM (UML in Visio) and convert to Enterprise Architect (EA)
    • The PM DAM already includes a glossary and a mapping to the RIM-based PM Domain Information Model (DIM)
    • The updated DAM will be starting point for adding additional static content for Interdependent Registries
      • Service Delivery Location
      • Client/patient
      • Health Program
      • Health Service
  6. Progress on Glossary
    • Decided to begin with existing glossary from DAM then add additional concepts as needed
    • Best to define terms in EA model then extract if necessary
  7. Progress on Dynamic Model
    • Gregg walked through analysis produced from a design perspective.
    • Shows possible business events mapped to state transitions on a Registry Act
    • Still need to produce behavioral model based on business cases
  8. Steve C directed us to the HSSP SOA Service Ontology that incorporates parts of the OASIS SOA Reference Architecture and applies those to health care
  9. Adjourned 2:00 pm EST.

Meeting Outcomes

  • Jay, Galen, Sasha and Patrick will schedule a call this week to start work on DAM
  • Sasha will post Infoway use cases to project Wiki when ready
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • Next call on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 1:00 PM EST

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