2010-06-24 Call Minutes

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HL7 Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile Meeting

Meeting Logistics

Date/Time: Thursday, June 24, 2010 / 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST
Location: Phone: 1- 770-657-9270; Passcode: 510269
  • Helen Stevens (co-chair)
  • John Ritter (EHR WG Co-chair)
  • Christine Bester
  • Peter Harrison
  • Sandy Jones (formally Thames)


  1. Welcome and Introductions
    • Completed
  2. Agenda review and approval
    • Approved
  3. Approval of minutes from previous calls: June 17rd
    • Approved
  4. Review Actions from previous meeting(s)
    • none
  5. CCHIT Workgroup Update' (Peter)
    • Peter responded to some questions regarding the CCHIT process and project as well as facilitated some discussion. For more information go to the CCHIT website: Commission Names Volunteer Work Groups For Oncology and CCHIT Oncology Workgroup Page
    • How do you get included in a CCHIT workgroup? You apply having received a notice of intent to setup the workgroup from CCHIT. However, the application process is now closed for the Oncology workgroup.
    • Sandy felt that there should be some representation from NAACCR or a state registry.
    • John stated that CCHIT values having a 'balance of interest' so they may entertain accepting an advisor from NAACCR if they can't reopen the membership.
    • Peter will act as a coordinator between the CCHIT efforts and the AOFP team efforts at HL7.
    • Helen is concerned over the level of effort required to ensure that the CCHIT work stay aligned with the HL7 work. It does not actually matter which group is developing the material / engaging stakeholders as long as the work remains aligned (does not matter if the dog wags tail or tail wags dog - as long as dog and tail stay connected!).
      This has not happened in the past resulting in large gaps between the CCHIT and the HL7. HL7 is now working to close this gap with other CCHIT profiles as part of the R2.0 FM work.
    • Assuming that CCHIT starts from the current AOFP (certainly the intent), there needs to be an ongoing work to bring changes from CCHIT back to the AOFP team and to take changes from the AOFP to CCHIT. Concern was expressed that this is too much to expect from Peter's time commitment.
    • Don Mon is currently the HL7 liaison to CCHIT - but he also could not participate at this level. John asked if he could maybe ask CCHIT to accept a more active liaison for this project?
    • Sandy asked what the role is going forward for CCHIT given the certifying bodies directive? Peter stated that CCHIT will be one of the official Certification Bodies, there is at least one other that is applying. However, Peter feels that the certification and US work is focused mainly on the ARRA meaningful use criteria. Sandy said that she is working to get cancer included in the meaningful use Phase 2.
    • ACTION: Peter to initiate an email with Don and CCHIT asking if a representative from NAACCR or a state registry could be added to the CCHIT workgroup (even as an advisor). Peter also to ask if Don Mon can request a formal liaison between the AOFP project team and the CCHIT Oncology workgroup be assigned.
  6. CDC NPCR Status Update (Sandy)
    • Sandy provided a brief update of the activities at the CDC NPCR project and encouraged people to review and comment on the HIE profile currently in public review.
  7. Ballot Reconciliation
    • Progress was made on the ballot reconciliation worksheet (rows 63-88 completed).
    • ACTION: Helen to contact Lori Havener (NAACCR) regarding ballot questions
    • ACTION: Helen to update Ballot Reconciliation worksheet with proposed dispositions for remaining rows
    • Ballot Results ZIP file
    • Ballot Reconciliation Worksheet (ZIP)
  8. Other business
    • None raised
  9. Agenda items for next meeting (July 8th)
    • Update from CDC NPCR project (Sandy/Wendy) and NCI project (Salimah) to be added as standing agenda items.
    • Review NCAACCR ballot input if Lori is able to attend.
    • Continued ballot reconciliation
    • Regrets from Peter Harrison (he will be on vacation until July 29th.)
  10. Meeting adjourned at 2:30 EST.