2010-06-17 Call Minutes

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HL7 Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile Meeting

Meeting Logistics

Date/Time: Thursday, June 24, 2010 / 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST
Location: Phone: 1- 770-657-9270; Passcode: 510269
  • Helen Stevens (co-chair)
  • John Ritter (co-chair HL7 EHR WG)
  • Peter Harrison
  • Wendy Blumenthal
  • Christine Bester
  • Salimah Shakir


  1. Welcome and Introductions
    • Completed.
  2. Agenda review and approval
    • Completed.
  3. Approval of minutes from previous calls: June 3rd
    • Approved
  4. Review Actions from previous meeting(s)
    1. ACTION: Helen to prepare a project summary 'one-pager'.
      • Completed
  5. Review Project Update report (Helen)
    (Status Report Document)
    • Project status was reviewed and discussed with no changes identified. Helen will work with Sandy offline to develop estimates to help with the CDC's decision regarding adding support for the project.
  6. CDC NPCR Status Update (Wendy)
  7. Ballot Reconciliation
  8. Other business
    • Salimah Shakir joined the call during the ballot reconciliation and was introduced to the team. Salimah has been engaged by NCI to participate in this team.
    • Since Helen is leaving NCI at the end of the month, next call will be the last that she will be able to use Centra to support these meetings. Salimah will determine if she can continue to host with Centra. Otherwise we may identify a livemeeting, gotomeeting or Dimdim that we can use going forward.
  9. Agenda items for next meeting (June 24th)
    • Ballot reconciliation continued.
    • Update from CDC NPCR Project.
    • Meeting adjourned at 2:30 EST.