Proposal: Patient Registry, add Find Candidates query parameters

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Two proposals to extend the Person Registry Find Candidates interaction (Patient Administration domain, Person Topic) have been discussed and/or accepted:

This proposal seeks to add query paramaters with similar semantics/functionality to the Patient Registry Find Candidates Query(PRPA_IN201305UV02) interaction (Patient Administration domain, Person Topic). The underlying use-cases are the same as for the Person Registry. For the Patient registry the newly proposed query parameters are:

  1. LivingSubjectDeceased - see related Proposal: Person Registry, add query parameter.
  2. GroupId - see related Proposal: Person Registry, add GroupId parameter.


  • The Patient Registry Find Candidates query re-uses most of the Person registry Find Candidates query parameters, and adds a few that are specific to the (focal) Patient Role. Rene spronk 14:29, 4 February 2009 (UTC)
  • PA 201001 WGM WED Q4
    • MOTION (WED Q4): to accept the proposal and include the material in the next release of the Patient topic. (Rene/Irma, 8-0-0)