Proposal: Person Registry, add GroupId parameter

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The payload-query model as used by the Person Registry Find Candidates Query(PRPA_IN101305UV02) interaction [in the Patient Administration Domain/Person Topic domain] does not contain a parameter which corresponds to the value of the asMember.GroupId as contained in the response model. This proposal seeks to add such a query parameter.


Helse Vest, which implements a wide range of Patient?person registry interactions in the form of services, has a requirement to convey 'the administrative region a person/patient belongs to/ is associated with'. This concept isn't related to postal address: administrative regions are defined in a totally different way and can't be derived from the postal address.

The initial version of this proposal suggested that we use the administrativeObservation to identify the region. During discussion in September 2009 it was suggested that the use case could be covered by the existing Member and Group classes: a person is a member of a group, the group being "all persons within 1 specific administrative region". ISO 3166 Part 2 (country subdivisions) is used as the identifier of the administrative region.

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <asMember classCode="MBR">
     <group classCode="PUB">
         <id root="1.0.3166.2.2" extension="NO-0816" assigningAuthorityName="ISO 3166-2:2007"/>
         <code code="AdminRegion" codeSystem="1.9999.99"/>

Proposed change

  • Add a new queryParameter to the existing query:
    • Name: GroupId, with the @value attribute an II datatype (to be consistent with the existing model), and semanticsText to be equal to the string

Proposed documentation update

Add the following to the (model/walkthrough) of the payload MT of the Person Registry Find Candidates Query(PRPA_IN101305UV02) interaction, i.e. the PRPA_RM101306UV02 R-MIM:

  1. Add a new QueryParameter class, with 0..* cardinality
    • Name: GroupId, with the @value attribute an II datatype, and semanticsText to be equal to the default string
  2. Add the following text to the walkthrough, in the bullet list below the heading ParameterList:
    • GroupId - this parameter can limit the search to persons that are a member of a particular group.


WGM Kyoto 200905

  • (PA, WGM Kyoto, May 2009 - THU Q3): motion to add a new queryParemeter to the existing query (PRPA_IN101305UV02): name: AdministrativeObservationValue, with the @value attribute an ANY datatype, and semanticsText to be equal to the string AdministrativeObservation.value. (motion Alexander Henket, second Astrid Koenders, 3-0-0)
  • (PA, WGM Kyoto, May 2009 - THU Q3): ACTION: Rene to write descriptive text for the walkthrough and the attribute level documentation

WGM Atlanta 200909

  • Discussion: probably better done by using the Group mechanism. Member of a group with scoper administrative region.
  • MOTION: 200909 WGM WED Q4 - A motion was made by Irma to set aside the Kyoto motion and ask Rene to amend the proposal to use the Group structure instead of the administrativeObservation. Seconded by Jay Zimmerman. (7-0-2)

WGM Phoenix 201001

  • The proposal was presented, Group.code is the type of group, contains the "code" of the country subdivision.
  • MOTION (WED Q4): to accept the proposal and include the material in the next release of the Person topic. (Rene/Irma, 9-0-0)