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ONC Grant Project Page

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This page supports projects within the following ONC Grant funded opportunities:

  • Enhancing C-CDA and FHIR Implementation (2015 - 2017)
  • Maturing C-CDA and FHIR Implementation (2018 - )

For FY2019+ ONC projects, go to the ONC Grant Project Page on HL7's Confluence space.

The following pages have been created to reflect the C-CDA related project and the FHIR related projects

The following are brief descriptions of each project created under the Maturing C-CDA and FHIR Implementation (2018 - ) ONC grant.

(The full title of the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is: Closing the Gap between Standards Development and Implementation-Maturing the Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Standard)

  1. C-CDA Implementation-A-Thons
    • Project Description: Engage industry players (vendors, healthcare providers, payers and health information exchanges) via a two (2) day face-to-face C-CDA Implementation-A-Thon event and a one (1) day virtual C-CDA Implementation-A-Thon event. IATs are based on HL7’s Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture Release 2.1 (C-CDA R2.1), which updated the Consolidated CDA DSTU 2.0 specification to support compatibility with C-CDA 1.1.
  2. UTG Process: Working Prototype
    • Project Description: Develop a working UTG prototype that further develops the current Proof of Concept (PoC) demonstration including the FHIR toolkit and Terminology Server, and use of JIRA/Confluence workflow.
  3. FHIR Ballot Process & Tooling
    • Project Description: Leveraging Confluence and JIRA, design and implement a new ballot management and reconciliation process and tooling.
  4. FHIR Bulk Data Access & Push Projects
    • Project Description: Add new capabilities to the FHIR specification to increase support for API-based access and push of data for large number of patients in support of provider-based exchange, analytics and other value-based services; upgrade existing FHIR reference server implementations to more effectively support “Bulk Access and Push” applications.
  5. FHIR Connectathon Administrator
    • Project Description: Fulfill the roles and responsibilities of the FHIR Connectathon Administrator to maximize participant experience and outcomes, and produce the following deliverables:
      • FHIR Connectathon Communication Plan
      • Pre-Connectathon Survey for Participants
      • Post-Connectathon Satisfaction Survey
      • Orientation Package for all Track Leads
      • Event Report within one week of the FHIR Connectathon event
  6. FHIR Ballot Facilitator(s) and Coordinator
    • Project Description: Fulfill the roles and responsibilities of the HL7 Ballot Facilitator by facilitating the reconciliation of high priority product ballots, including clarification of content before Work Group discussions, proposing block votes, documenting discussions, decisions and actions related to ballot reconciliation and management of change proposals.
    • Fulfill the roles and responsibilities of the HL7 Ballot Coordinator by administering and managing the FHIR Ballot Facilitators.
  7. FHIR Ballot Processing Support
    • Project Description: Provide quality review and pre-processing of ballot comment spreadsheets for the April 2018 FHIR R4 ballot to facilitate loading into gForge so comments can be expeditiously reconciled and resolved by the committees.