XML-MIF Publishing Process Mapping Notes

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Note: The following has been posted from a simple copy/paste from an email and requires formatting --Astechishin 06:38, 17 September 2009 (UTC)

A domain (e.g., uvpa.xml) maps to MIF package

spec/front/* maps to package/annotation/documentation/text/*


      maps to MIF package (that is a descendant of the domain's package)
      @ballotX maps to pacakage/header/approvalInfo
      I assume other attributes of subdivn map to appropriate places
              in package/header or elsewhere but I haven't had the time
              to look further

subdivn/{description,div2} (i.e., introductory material in a topic) map to MIF package/annotations/documentation/text

      "typed" refs (e.g., cmetref, etc) map to <object name='TYPE'>
      other "normal" html markup may have to be massaged to fit content
      models of vanilla xhtml

Each of the main children of subdivn map to obvious places in package/content (I would have been very surprised if it wasn't this obvious):

      subdivn/storydivn maps to MIF package/content/storyboard
      subdivn/approledivn maps to MIF package/content/applicationRole
      subdivn/triggerdivn maps to MIF package/content/triggerEvent
      subdivn/{rmimdivn,hmddivn} map to MIF package/content/staticModel
              rmimdivn/{description,div2} map to MIF
              rmimdivn/diagref maps to staticModel/figure
              rmimdivn/cmetref maps to
              rmimdivn/hmdref maps to MIF ??????
              similar mappings exist for msgtypedivn
      subdivn/msgtypedivn maps to MIF package/content/serializedStaticModel
      subdivn/interaction maps to MIF package/content/interaction

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