Vocabulary Tooling - 18-Oct-2016

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Minutes 18-October-2016


  • Ted Klein
  • Rob Hausam
  • Carol Macumber
  • Russ Hamm

Agenda Check

  • No changes


  • No announcements.


  • Discussion on how to wrap up project
    • Remaining Tasks
      • Complete requirements. NOTE: These requirements will exclude governance requirements, leaving those to the Unified Terminology Governance Project
      • Format requirements into an internal deliverable
      • Review and vet requirements with Vocab and Tooling
      • Review with Unified Terminology Governance Project and discuss industry outreach opportunities
    • Assignments
    • Interaction with Unified Terminology Governance Project
      • Workflow processes and requirements
      • Gaps between existing FHIR capabilities and what is needed from what was identified earlier (above point)