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Adding the Value Set to an Existing Concept Domain

<<Editor: This section represents a limitation in the Vocabulary Maintenance Language. With this section, it is possible to add new Context Bindings, but there is NO capability to delete or edit such bindings once they have been added.>> This needs to be added to the VML.

The newly created or previously selected value set can be added to one or more already existing concept domains. When adding the value set it is also possible to specify in which context the value set is applicable.

Element addToVocabularyDomain

Like all other update elements, addToVocabularyDomain can specify a ballot status. If supplied, this ballot status overrides any previous applicable status.

Attributes of addToVocabularyDomain
vocabularyDomain The name of the concept domain to add the value set to
context An optional context identifier (commonly the code of a binding realm such as UV for Universal, or CA for Canada). If present, it indicates that the value set only applies in that given domain.

<<Editor: This definition seems incomplete. If the context is not specified, the binding will be treated as incomplete or some such. Also, in the data base, there should be multiple valid contexts, or else one binding per context, which means the field cannot be optional.>>

Example XML for addToVocabularyDomain

The above example adds the “SpecificAles” value set to the “OrderableAles” concept domain. Note that the concept domain has to exist in order for this operation to succeed.