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A list of revision entries follows the edit description and edit versions (if any) . Revision entries are applied in the order that they occur. A revision entry can create or modify a code system, a value set or a concept domain. The following tags identify revision entities:

codeSystemRevision - [Not fully exposed in application] Register (create) a new code system or modify the contents of an existing code system.
valueSetRevision- Create a new value set or modify the contents of an existing value set.
vocabularyDomainRevision – Create or modify a concept domain.

The contents of these revision records are described in more detail in the following sections.

Revision records will be applied to the vocabulary database in sequential order. A typical sequence of revision records might consist of:

  1. Register a new code system and define its contents
  2. Create the value set (or sets) drawn from the code system
  3. Create the concept domain and connect it to the value sets.