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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, May 16, 2012, Q3

Chair: Woody Beeler (GWB)

Scribe: Andy Stechishin (AS)

Attendees: Don Lloyd (DL), Michael Tan (MT)


  • Announcements
  • Around the table
  • 2012 September Ballot Calendar


Normative Edition status was updated, work proceeding

Global Publishing: a parameter will be added to switch do/don't change control

Around the Table

From MT:

Question from Clinical Statement:

Clinical Statement WG is keen to understand a little more about the Quality Analysis Reports at the end of each WG standard. Can you advise: a) How are they generated; and b) What is the requirement / implication of the results shown?

Specifically, we want to understand what is meant by the term 'NotDefined'. This appears on 2.3.2 and apparently relates to an Act .statusCode. We can't see where in our model it appears and assume it may be some holding term and not a RIM artifact!

COCS_MT000000UV c_NotDefined somewhere in DMIM statusCode in class ControlActEvent

From GWB:

GWB demonstrated PDF version of Core Principles generated using the publishing transforms

2012 Ballot Calendar

Motion: Approve September ballot publication calendar (AS/DL) unanimous

Friday, Mayy 19, 2012, Q2

Chair/Scribe: Andy Stechishin (AS)

Attendees: Michael Tan (MT)

AS assisted MT with resolving issues in publishing desktop and file locations.