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V3 Publishing WGM Minutes 20090514

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V3- Publishing Kyoto


Duteau (Q1 only), Lloyd, Beeler


  • Review last Ballot
  • Ballot site Suggestion (Hans B)
  • SVN setup for PC
  • Sun-setting draft and other non-actioned materials from ballot
  • Continue to publish Normative content (last finished ballot)
  • September Schedules
  • NE 2009 Content
  • Ne 2010 - Adoption of DT R2
  • Dynamic Ballot (site) Builds


Review last Ballot

  • Download package for single set of content is not chained to the full ballot, hence packages can be mis-handled
    • One problem is there is never a "pause" in which to review, restructure and test new processes. Suggests need for a time-out cycle.
  • Ant-script desk top - Ask Andy to research/summarize state of available tools
  • Need more aggressive advances on using SVN and integrating a manifest.

Ballot site Suggestion (Hans B)

Tooling Work Group supports the limitation of comments to the spreadsheet. But recognizes that:

  • This is governed by GOM (currently any form of submission will be accepted)
  • ANSI rules may require less stringent requirements
  • Will require programming changes to ballot desk-top
  • Need a draft proposal for change to forward to TSC

Related note from Clem McDonald in re accessibility of V3 Ballot content. Raises questions for:

  • Desireability to support PDF rendition of overview and per-domain content. (What appened to the old "PDF a domain" capability?
  • Design of ballot-package was predicated on requirement for a "networked" specification with rich hyper-link navigation. This obviates against a printable single spec.

SVN setup for PC

Addressed with Duteau

Draft Material Not in Standard Format

CBCC Continues to publish draft content in a non-processable format, because their facilitator refuses to use the common tools. HL7 Canada desires to use this material, but it is totally inaccessible. HL7 Canada has asked that we discontinue publishing material that cannot be tested. We discussed the idea that there be a limitation of a single cycle of ballot-for-comment and subsequent changes will only be accepted in the required format. Asked Duteau to forward this as a formal motion to V3 Publishing.


Future conference calls need to set down rules for

  • Sun-setting draft, non-standard representation and other non-actioned materials from ballot
  • Whether and how we continue to publish Normative content (consider a ballot-lite representation)

September Schedules

Reviewed, made minor revisions. Emphasize deadlines for next cycle.


NE 2009 Content

Reviewed and annotated Word Dov from D Lloyd

Ne 2010 - Adoption of DT R2

Defer to a conference call

Dynamic Ballot (site) Builds

Discussed a truly enticing future, premised on two things:

  • a reliable manifest that can be quickly generated to characterize the requirements for a complete domain (or topic)
  • ability to store for quick retrieval a set of simple, fully processed source files for each topic
  • a reliable small-footprint transform engine such that the process can be driven by the xsl invocation in the root element of the source file (how to find sibling file?)