V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20160209

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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls


Tuesday, February 9, 2016 -- 1:00 PM Eastern


Publishing Conference Call -

GoToMeeting ID: 788-063-525

Conference Call: HL7 Conference Call Service:

  • Phone: 770-657-9270
  • Passcode: 657896


  1. Regrets
  2. Roll call and agenda
  3. Approve Minutes of previous meetings Dec 22,
  4. White Paper Template PSS -
  5. ANT Refactor Project -
  6. Announcements -
  7. Around the Table
    1. Upcoming call schedule -
  8. Adjourn


  • call to order 1:03 PM - Andy Brian and Lynn
  • Agenda review: White Paper Template PSS -
    • Review comments at next telecon
  1. Approve Minutes of previous meetings Dec 22, Lynn moves and Brian seconds; unanimously approved

White Paper Template PSS - draft from Freida - still has no project facilitator;

    • Andy will take an action item to ask Freida if she wishes to be the project facilitator.
    • Lynn will review and comment as appropriate
    • Review comments at next telecon
  • ANT Refactor Project - Andy has nothing to report
  • Announcements -
    • NIB deadline 2/21.
    • Lynn has not yet generated a QA site for the Normative Edition pending updated CPM content since Gunther is having tooling issues. Andy advises generating the QA site without it and address it later.
  • Around the Table -
    • Lynn will likely have to publish a standalone CMET package this year and will need Andy's help to identify the pieces needed in a package
    • RIM R7 needs a publication request; Lynn will nudge MnM
    • Brian notes V2 pubs still needs to submit V2.9 material; Jane will do the NIB and Brian is tasked with the PSS
    • T3SD had questions on V2 Refactoring project; Andy will send the PSS version approved by EST to Brian
    • V2 Refactoring and V2.9 should go to T3SD for 2/22.
  • adjourned 1:26 PM