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V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20100324

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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, Month 2, 2010 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler (GWB), Kreisler (AK), Lloyd (DL), Seppala (GS), Stechishin (AS), Savage (RS)


Call to order at 4:08

Chair: GWB

Scribe AS

Review Minutes of Mar 10, 2010

AS/AK 4-0-0

Review Minutes of Mar 17, 2010

AS/RS With a change to GWB's comments, the new RoseTree contains proposed Harmonization changes

Action Items

  1. GWB: In RMIM Designer, QBP Value parameter is displaying CWE for all data types, unless you open the class and close - verify that this can be fixed by an automated update.
    • Needs to verify still, will also need to check for new external value sets
    • Status: OPEN
  2. AS: Check with Lloyd McKenzie on the representation of requirements in MIF
    • Lloyd thought this could be covered by doing an XMI extract from tool of choice and import, he did not want to define something defined elsewhere.
    • The group had the following comments:
      • Worthwhile trying to document the basic structure
      • File with links out to document?
      • New package kind?
      • Useful for capturing the reason for change

Common Product Model CMETs

  • CMETs were provided in a Visio workbook with multiple drawings (15).
  • Will produce 1 Visio per entry for this ballot cycle
  • May require warning on the ballot site about some missing links
  • Will publish under POCP but may pull back at the end of the ballot cycle and redo as COCT

Notes from Don Lloyd

  • Next Sunday is final content
  • Material outstanding:
    • Clinical Genomics
    • XML ITS for RIM
    • RIM
    • Pharmacy
    • Security Domain Analysis Models
      • Security requested the ballot status be rolled back to DSTU (is scheduled to ballot as informative - set by TSC)
        • AK: needs to go back to TSC
        • Ballot status is part of the final announce and can be changed at that point
        • issue with DAM balloting as Normative

There are no big issues in current content so far, there is a steady increase in the number of Domain Analysis Models balloting.

  • Currently, all are published using a Pub XML stub containing a link to the DAM
  • There is a need to determine what should be part of a DAM ballot and provide tools
    • AK: has not been determined
    • GS: XLS linking DAM to DMIM
    • AK: As SAIF rolls outthere is a need to grapple with DAM and how it will be represented. Direction is to use tools the content creators are familiar with
    • GWB: Impossible to develop publishing standards

Around the Table


  • Where in SVN would DL expect to find modified rows XML?
    • GWB: Support files?
  • Header on ballot site, domain for PA did not have correct approval, DL will verify approval
  • No storyboards showed up, DL will pull new content
  • Had not updated ballot status for CMETS, done reposted

Question: where to put the modified Rose XML file? GWB: put somewhere safe in the domain tree but also email to GWB and DL.


Formal naming has not been automated, needs work. Also need to determine how to represent in MIF or as package.

Adjourned at 4:55

Action Items