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V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20100217

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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler (GWB), Duteau (JD), Kreisler (AK), Lloyd (DL), Seppala (GS), Stechishin (AS), Savage (RS)



Call to order at 4:06

Review Minutes of February 10, 2010

JD/RS 4-0-0

MIF Publishing

AK commented that the file naming rigour and error flagging was a great improvement.

Normative Edition 2010

Motion: Use the following dates expedite finalizing the contents of the 2010 normative edition

  • March 8 for disposition
  • March 22 for reconciliation

AK/RS 4-0-0

Action Item: DL will send a note to the co-chairs requesting resolution of the undetermined items on the NE Wiki page.

Available for Use CMET

Need to trace to who uses

  • process to identify use
  • can produce list will build query

Notes from Don Lloyd

Reviewing new project scope statement, will set up records on notice of intent to ballot forms. Few questions to co-chairs, will compile list as all NIB are submitted

Feb 28 is the deadline for the submission of NIB

Around table


Identify some things need updating for NE, no neph folder items (AK will create)

  • Lab up to date for CMET, specimen cleared for moving forward (reconcilliation) informative
    • CMETs have diverged from the DMIM which was balloted separately
    • Domain is old stuff
    • The question is what is required to bring items into alignment
  • CMETs are linked to a domain that may be informative
    • May need to update domain stuff for specimen

GWB: define a header (with introduction and scope) stating the domain is created to support CMETs only (and at a point in time)


Will verify with DL via emails that content has been updated

DL: listed updates, resolved missing files

Adjourned at 4:57