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V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20100113

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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler (GWB), Lloyd (DL), Seppala (GS), Stechishin (AS), Walker (MW), Anita Walden (AW)


Call to order at 4:04

Review Minutes of January 6, 2009

Not Done

Review Ballot Close

DL reported that there was little to review, no major issues were reported.

Clamshells and Message Design Element

GWB presented some of the proposed changes to the Message Design Element Clamshell. The proposal was to remove all but RMIM, default state is fully closed.

GS stated that the topic Id is needed for ballot spreadsheet. The was general discussion on this point but it does need to be verified if this element is a required column.

GWB also spoke possibilities being considered to move where CMET are stored in the ballot package (physical location of the files, not access paths).

GS was concerned that the move of the CMETs would create complications for FICR CMETs that had no domain.

Review of MIF2 Publishing

GS had performed a quick review of the sample produced by Paul Biron for Patient Admin and found nothing nothing apparent.

May 2010 Pub schedule

DL presented the May 2010 publishing cycle calendar for confirmation, he did request the dates for Harmonization from GWB. DL highlighted that the ballot cycle closes 1 day earlier than normal to allow travel time to the WGM in Rio de Janiero Motion: AS/GS 4-0-0 (as presented)

Adjourned at 4:30