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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler, Gilbert, Kreisler, Loyd, Lloyd, Stechishin, Anita Walden


Call to order at 4:09

Woody: chair Andy: scribe

Review Minutes of October 28, 2009

Andy/Austin 5-0-0

Detailed Clinical Models

No project scope statement - invalid NIB

There is an issue where the work group does not meet regularly and the publishing facilitator cannot ask on how to publish the materials. It is possible that a Draft for Comment may be used (submitted as a PDF)

JIC ballot

Don: there are no dates or planning at present (ICSR) For datatypes release 2, Mead is working with Woody

Rename Clinical DAM

There was a request to rename to simply DAM - we now have a security DAM to publish

Don: put the security DAM in Clinical DAM and change name to simply DAM

CDA Release 2 Re-affirmation ballot

There is a need to do a re-affirmation ballot.

Struct Docs discovered issues on how CDA is being published. If included in ballot site, can it be as accurate and complete as possible? Link to the schemas on the NE?

Don: On re-affirmation for the ballot instructions would direct people to go to the Normative Edition download page and get the official version

Woody: Save heading remove ballot site content with comment about future cda r3 ballot, pointer to membership download

Ballot Site maintenance

A review of the ballot site and the disposition of the current contents was undertaken. The ballot site will have content that is not being balloted (in the last 2 cycles) or is currently in the normative edition removed.

Specification Infrastructure:

  • Messaging - mark as release 1
  • Struct Documents - leave
  • Transport - not complete (only web service going to ballot)
    • Keep overview


  • Leave all


  • Drop CTS release 1 (create a pointer to normative edition)
  • Identify service as release 2
  • SOA4HL7 - create a reference to normative edition


  • If not balloted in the previous 2 cycles, drop


  • Blood Tissue - passed but not on NE, Patrick will do work to get this included
  • Claims - all content is in last NE
  • Clinical Decision Support - is balloting this cycle
  • Care Provisioning
    • Strip out topics that have not been balloted in last year
  • CDA - strip to reference to NE
  • Clinical Genomics
    • Pedigree -create a reference
    • Genetic Variation - has not balloted
    • CMETs - are in ballot
  • Clinical Statement - ballot
  • Common Product Model - leave as is
  • CMETs - is balloting may selectively remove non-active pieces
  • eMeasures
  • Imaging Integration - leave as is
  • Immunization - in DSTU
  • Lab - is normative, create reference
  • Medication - leave as is
  • Materials Management - remove from ballot

As time had run the remaining items were deferred to the next call

Adjourned at 5:05