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V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20090930

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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler, Duteau, Anita Walden, Lloyd, Seppala, Stechishin, Savage


Call to order at 4:05

Woody chair, Andy scribe

Review Minutes of September 9, 2009

Rob/Gregg 5-0-0


Woody provided status on the Subversion site move.

  • When first migrated, noone had write privileges
  • Repository has been updated, should be consistent with previous repository
  • Woody has tagged ballot200907 in the new repository
  • Don will provide a list of publishing developers to help Woody get people re-added with write access

Woody then provided information on his activities for the next trimester

  • Would complete the conversion to datatypes R2 in RMIM Designer
    • Allow migration of models from datatypes R1 to datatypes R2 and back again (2-way conversion)
    • Fully tested on Visio 2002,
    • There is 1 issue with round-tripping involving the conversion between CE and CD
    • Will not save to a repository with datatypes R2
    • As a note: Visio XML now has a parameter to explicitly declare datatypes release, the default is R1
  • Lloyd will finish changes to V3 Generator to fully use datatypes R2 this weekend (as of Sep 30)
  • Woody will begin working on the conversion of the core content of NE2009 to datatypes R2 in preparation for NE2010

Publishing Calendar

Woody displayed the proposed publishing calendar for 2010, no questions or comments from the group.

Patient Care

Jean stated he would need to edit many topics and was eagerly awaiting MIF based publishing

Woody suggested that Jean could use the domain XML to find occurrences of the items requiring changes. Woody also suggested the HL7description editor, which can post to PubDB. There was also a discussion of the PubDB Manager, which will allow the deletion of topics from a PubDB.

Upcoming Dates

CBC due Sunday (Oct 4, 2009)


Gregg asked Don if 'Draft for Comment' to 'Draft Standard for Trial Use' was a reasonable/correct transition through states. Don confirmed.

Gregg also wondered if the new policy of only publishing to the ballot site the content being balloted would cause referencing CMETs to break. Woody stated that is is possible to publish referenced CMETs in non-standard.


Woody and Don be working on the list of items to be included in NE2010


Woody welcomed Anita to the call. Anita stated that she is the Publishing Facilitator for CIC

Rooms for Phoenix

Andy wondered about changing the quarters that V3 Publishing meets at the Phoenix WGM. Some possibilities discussed where Wednesday Q3 and/or Q4 and Friday Q2. Friday Q2 may present problems for some WGMs but in Phoenix the call attendees seemed to agree it may be possible.

There may also be a need to book a joint V3 Publishing/Tooling quarter in Phoenix.

Adjourned at 4:46