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V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20090826

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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler, Duteau, Kreisler, Lloyd, Stechishin


Call to order at 4:03

Review Minutes of August 12, 2009

Andy/Austin 3-0-0


Motion: Leave the Mission and Charter as is Andy/Jean 3-0-0

The 3 Year Plan:

  • Andy will research projects in Project Insite
  • Andy will also flag possible skipped ballot trimester in the plan
  • The skipped ballot trimester will need to be raised on the Monday TSC retreat

Publishing XML Project

  • Objective: publish PubDB XML as if it were MIF
    • As well publish stand-alone XML documents in the same fashion

The first phase of the project will produce a deliverable plan for the Atlanta WGM. Jean mentioned that some work ongoing at Mohawk College in Canada may be of interest.

WGM Agenda

Thursday Q1: Review issues and tasks from most recent ballot cycle Thursday Q2: Formalize SWOT and adopt the 3 Year Plan

Comments from Ballot of Annotated ECG

There was an issue raised where discrepancies between non-balloted material and the Normative Edition was a concern. The issue centered around using the ballot site for purposes other than ballotting (by a non-member).

  • It was proposed to strip the ballot site to contain only what is received from each work group for the current ballot cycle.
  • The ballot site is to be used for balloting only, referencing should be done against the Normative Edition (requires membership or purchase).
  • There is some reference information that will need to be retained.

Action: Woody may present on Monday Night plan on what would be available on the ballot site and what will be removed. Currently identified: Vocabulary, ITS, RIM, and Global CMETs

  • Local CMETs are only available when being balloted

Notes from Don Lloyd



Has produced an new transform - will take annotated Visio XML and apply to Visio that may or may not have annotations. There is also a utility transform to run any xslt.

  • eg. Populate the Primary encounter RMIM and use this to populate all derived RMIMs
  • Note: if you change the name of a square object it will not work as it cannot establish a relationship

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Adjourned at 4:48