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V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20090729

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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler, Gilbert, Kreisler, Lloyd, Nelson, Seppala, Stechishin, Savage


Call to order at 4:03

Review Minutes of July 22, 2009

Rob/Austin 6-0-0

Reconcilliation Ballot Content

Deadline is July 27 - only applies to normative content

Notes from Don Lloyd

  • Is missing some content
    • Has been in contact with those work groups and content is coming
    • Common product model CMET heard from Mead Walker will be working on
  • 1 new domain: eMeasures
  • Has also added info button material to be posted standalone
  • Gello R2 added
  • Restructured XML ITS material
  • Request feedback from people to changes in structure

Gregg Seppala

  • Has some CMETs for ballot without a change to the introduction
    • 1 remaining PA normative CMET will not finish until after WGM
    • 3 scheduling CMETs are for comment only
    • Dale - preface pages have often been updated just prior to opening of the ballot
  • In desktop generator are any QA reports available?
    • Woody offered that there are reports but they may not be useful as yet, there is an outstanding goal to improve QA reports
    • Issues may still exist even if PubDB is updated

CMET Ballot Status

  • Don - new CMETs ballot status is difficult to determine, some work groups update the status, Don tries to check with others
    • As an example, the Common Product Model CMET ballot announcement does not specify the CMET by number
  • Don suggested that the NIB should specify CMET at least by name
  • Woody suggested that for the interim, the pre-existing CMET status spreadsheet could be mailed around
    • Publishing Facilitator could update the status of CMETs
    • Updated spreadsheet could then generate the ballot information and/or CMETinfo file
  • Dale suggested he could translate the CMET master spreadsheet into a wiki page

There was a general discussion of how to manage the CMET status on the wiki, including using categories to group CMETs by domain and status.

Action: Dale to look at CMET spreadsheet list and how to manage the ballot status of CMETs going forward, Andy offered help

Pete Gilbert

  • Wondered if the RMIM for eMeasures submitted Tuesday was acceptable
    • Don ran a build - failed with: Serializable model with 2-way associations
    • Austin commented that on act-relationship there is an indicator
    • Woody stated the Visio validator may help identify problems, as well "Save to repository" will identify many issues
  • Bob Dolin is generating eMeasure schema, Pete wondered what the link will be so he can add to the document
    • Don recommended using a link similar to one used for examples
    • Woody recommended following section 6 in CDA for specifying links to schemas

Adjourned at 4:56