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V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20090701

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler, Dolin, Gilbert, Lloyd, Seppala, Stechishin


Call to order at 4:07

Review Minutes of June 24, 2009

Andy/Pete 4-0-0

New Structured Documents Specification

Pete Gilbert described a new specification being produced by the Structured Documents Work Group, called E-Measure, specification for the representation of Quality Measures. The document will be prepared for DSTU ballot in the upcoming cycle.

Bob Dolin explained that this is a new type of structured document, it is not CDA. It will have its own RMIM but follow structured document principles. The RMIM will be derived from the RIM.

Pete asked for the 4 character code for the artifacts. Bob had said that HQMF and EQMS (electronic quality measure specification) had been used to identify the project. Bob also stated that the project is not just US realm in scope but rather is universal.

The project was assigned HMPOQM

  • Artifacts will be labelled POQM
  • The domain in the PubDB is UVQM

Pete wondered if he should use PubDB or publication XML to produce this specification, volunteering that he could use either mechanism. Woody preferred attempting to use the PubDB first but keeping publicationXML as a fall-back if problems are encountered.


  • Pro:
    • preferred publication method
    • links automatically generated
  • Con:
    • No wrappers, just static model

Publication XML

  • Pro:
    • May be easier to capture content
  • Con:
    • Links maintained by hand

Initial content (Visio vsd and xml files) is due July 12

Normative Edition

Woody is wrestling with CMETs in the production of the Normative Edition

He will put out a CMET-info import file to verify status as indicated by the UV space. Woody will produce this file by comparing the CMETs within the last ballot with the CMETS from the last normative edition.

Gregg made an attempt to perform this review within his domains, he sent the results to Don and Woody.

Notes from Don Lloyd

  • NIB due July 5

Around the Table

  • Gregg
    • Identified defect
      • None of the immutable attribute are displaying syntax correctly in RMIM Designer
      • Is correct in Visio XML not display
      • Will create ticket on GForge

Adjourned at 4:54