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V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20090218

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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler, Harding, Kreisler, Lloyd, Stechishin, Savage


Andy/Rob 4-0-0

Review Minutes of February 11, 2009

Rob/Austin 4-0-0 Austin noted that the link to the minutes from the V3 Publishing ConCall minutes pages were missing for 2009-02-04 and 2009-02-11 Action: Andy


Changes have been made, summary on wiki page (link here)

The changes made help to resolve issue raised by Austin (though not completely).

Austin asked about an interim work-around to create an example dataset. Woody was concerned that adding work-around on top of work-around to RMIM Designer was not the best way to proceed, particularly with possible lags in roll-out of the replacement SMD.

Status of ISO submissions (ICSR, CDA R2, V2.5)

ICSR, CDA R2, Clinical Genomics Pedigree out

Woody stated that work to produce the ISO submission would help in the next iteration of the publishing process. Some of the work done helped in focusing reports on single domain.

This item is now closed.

SVN and Publishing

Issue with access to publishing

Motion: In order to protect HL7 intellectual property, the directories within the SVN repository containing copyrighted material (v2-ballot-pkg, v3-ballot-pkg, and v3-editions) would be protected to require a username and password (suggested publishing/publishing) for read access. The objective is to prevent web-bots and crawlers from extracting and publishing HL7 proprietary property while continuing to allow linking from other HL7 web resources. The group will confirm this motion with the V2 Editors WG and Electronic Services WG and then forward to Technical and Support Services Steering Division. In addition, a note will be forwarded to other work groups tom remind them that all artifacts committed to the Subversion repository should contain a statement of copyright to HL7 with all rights reserved.

Austin/Andy 4-0-0

Deadlines (Notice Intent Ballot)

Don reported that the web form for submission of intent to ballot is temporarily down. Don first priority was to restore this function.

Austin had several comments/issues with the NIB as previewed:

  • in Order and Observations
    • the specimen CMET was missing (fixed by Don on the call)
    • the Composite Order should be DSTU and not Normative
    • the Medication domain and Medication Domain CMET belong to Pharmacy and not OO
    • clinical statement belongs to the Clinical Statement WG
  • in Public Health and Emergency Response
    • there will be two CMET ballot pools (as discussed in previous call)

Notes from Don Lloyd

No updates

Around the Table

No updates

Adjourned at 4:57 PM EST