V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20081119

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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Madra, Bush, Beeler, Kreisler, Seppala, Stechishin, Lloyd, Angeles


Agenda Approval

Kreisler/Seppala Unanimous

Review Minutes of November 5, 2008

Kreisler/Harding Unanimous

Ballot Preparation Status - LLoyd

  1. Don put together CMET Package for this cycle - on preview site. About 24 CMEts from 4-5

Domains. No issues seen or reported to date

  1. New Content - DAM for Privacy Consent Directive as Informative Ballot
  2. Draft for Comment Topic in RCMR on Privacy Consent Directive- that does NOT have a Valid or puiblishable static model design.
  3. NEED a Markup testing harness(tool) to test validity against MIF xhtml schemasschema.
  4. Most of the output has been re-generated.
  5. Sunday is final Content Deadline
  6. Ballot opens 12/3

"Around the Table:"

  • GB: NEED latest Generator
  • AK: LH Menu The Topic level leaves (Those without + sign) do not link. Don will get Krot to check
  • GS: Interaction Links - Resolved
  • GB: Need to Make ArtRef go to version less, and

then change all targets to be both (if needed)

Adjourned at 4:40